Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes? do you want something?

So my other boss was just standing over my shoulder there for about a full min which is a long time when your trying to act natural!

Ok from the beginning, he just started looking first around my desk for purchase orders then when he had a fumble with that he just seemed to hover (sp?) around the desk. wasn't really sure what he was looking for but it was so annoying. Do you remember when teachers used to do that? Stand over you when you're trying to concentrate on an exam or when you're writing an essay or something. Like would you fuck off away from me, if you want something ASK! jesus!



  1. Your spelling is correct.

    Could have been wondering whether to ask you our or not. Hurhur.

    *putting evil thoughts in people's heads*

  2. NO WAY mj he's married and just no god no! i think he was checking to see what i was doing or something or i dunno he's a bit weird

  3. Fart, count to three, inhale and look satisfied.

    Guaranteed to give you your personal bubble back.

  4. God, I used to hate that in school. I'd have to stop writing and look thoughtful until they moved on. I can't bear anyone examining me like that. How the feck I'm going to sit a driving test, I do not know.

  5. Ha! I'm with Maxi. Classic.

    The boss is probably wondering about what you're doing alright. People spy when they feel threatened by a supreme being ;)

  6. well i am a supreme being sooo...

  7. I feel your pain. My boss stans behind me and watches me and does this heavy breathing thing. Very unsettling


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