Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's it gonna be?

I've been invited to a party on Friday, which I'm quite excited about as it's called Pirates and Ninjas.

Which begs the question...

Pirates or Ninjas?



  1. Go all Ninja, Kitty. That way you can look super hot and slutty in black, while fulfilling the brief. Which is what fancy dress is all about.

  2. Can we not have Pirate Ninjas or Ninja Pirates?

  3. Oh Pirates and Ninjas is sooo last year. But go as a pirate of course.

  4. In my perverted mind's eye, lusty pirates out-sexy ninjas any day. Sure ninjas are dressed like cowering Taliban women which does nothing for my lusty netherlands at all.

    Pirates for me and a jolly rogering thanks, har haaaaaaaar.


  5. @Sarah: good point!

    @Maxi: I was considering Pirate ninja earlier, seeing as I'd say the majority will be dressed as pirates..

    @Lottie: Your ma is so last year

    @Terence: You're forgiven. Also a covered ninja face would make all that drinking and hooring quite tricky. Hmm.

  6. There is another radical faction of ninjas to choose from. They're heroes in a halfshell and they're green.

  7. Fresh Prince, I like where you're head's at!

  8. Oh Kitty Cat - you cut me deep!

  9. Your ma is not last year.

    Take it back.

    Take it back this second.

  10. You will do what you're told woman.

  11. ok i feel i need to interject here and be the voice of reason but, and i'm sorry kitty but your ma is so 2009!

    @lottie - she didn't mean it her fella didn't change her cat litter last nite so she's all cranky

    @maxi - behave or your going into the bold boys corner which i'm sure you have occupied on more than one occasion!!

  12. I've occupied your ma on more than one occasion.

  13. RIGHT! into the corner wit ya and bring your ma with you!!


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