Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some say that his voice can only be heard by cats, and that he is banned from the city of Chichester

It's the Stig!

"The man known only as The Stig is reported to be 33-year-old former racing stuntman Ben Collins.
The last Stig to reveal his identity was unceremoniously dumped from the motoring show, but it's not yet clear what will happen to Ben."


(via heatworld. Don't you juuudge me!)


  1. Talk about ruining the mystery. I still think it might be Carol Volderman. No?

  2. Wasn't a previous reincarnation thought to be Damon Hill? Because they were meant to have Davina McCaul on but she went into labour or couldn't make it for some reason and with 20 minutes notice they managed to get Damon on as the guest, a feat which gave a lot of creedance to the hill theory. But then it's probably mostly just idle speculation... like the moon landing.

  3. Ah feck that for a lark, I'm Kaizer Sauzee.

    Put that in yer pipes and smoke it!

  4. KEY-ute! i heard about this during the week.. the damon hill stuff isn't true, why would he not reveal his identity? surely a 'see if you can beat damon hill around a racetrack' would be a seller, no?

    i'm a little sad that the Stig's identity has been revealed tho.. i liked the whole enigma thing
    thought him collecting the BAFTA was quite funny


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