Friday, January 02, 2009

Ship Shape!

My resolution last year didn't really go to plan! Well it did and it didn't I had promised myself to watch all those movies your suppose to watch like 'the deerhunter' got halfway through that and 'a clockwork orange' have got about 3/4's of the way through that. All 'The godfathers', have one and a half of those films watched BUT, I did watch the first part of the trilogy AND I saw 'one flew over the cukoo's nest' and 'the graduate' and a few more besides so I think I'll carry that resolution on to this year again.

Anyway I have also decided to start dressing for my shape I mean I do already but I have bought a couple of things in the past that were just horendous on me and only because I thought they looked good on the manican did I buy them! I am an hour glass girl which means, I have hips and I have to except it! so this year wil be the year of the shape! I'm going to concentrate on my good points which are my waist, my shoulders and my arms, and i'm going to invest in a good pair of knickers to suck in my ass and belly!

I want to write more about shapes and stuff but i want to also go out tonight and i have to start applying some fake tan!

that is all

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  1. Good idea tcup. Will try do same methinks.

    enjoy the tannin' process!


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