Monday, January 12, 2009


I have to do some fashion research this week. This will include the purchase of Vogue and maybe Tatler! Myself and kitty have been invited to attend the fashion bloggers brunch on sunday, and to say we're a wee bit excited about the event is a bit of an understatement. Anyway what do we wear to this event?? I have my head gear sorted, now just the rest of me has to follow! I'm thinking skinny jeans and a black tux jacket. Thing is my tux jacket is from h & m and is beginning to resemble a fluff ball instead of a jacket. Oh well I guess this means I have purchase one on sat!! Or I could wear a wee guna I have a lovely pink prom style, dress I have only worn once and just looks sadly out at me every time I'm deciding what to wear to work/shops/chipper. mmmm I will have to have a fashion show methinks!

Looks like i'm going shopping on Saturday, too.



  1. Hurrah! Sounds like fun!

    What bout the prom dress + man jacket? It'd be like both sides of the date.

    Hope you find something ;)

  2. mmmm i never thought about that??? i will have a busy weekend with all this shopping milarky!! and trying clothes on, and i'll prob end up just wearing jeans and a tee, *tuts


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