Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Princess Superstar

Over Christmas, I found myself watching, and dammit really enjoying Disney's Enchanted. I loved the old school animation at the beginning, seeing brand new characters drawn in that gorgeous and familiar 2D Disney style, especially redhead cutie Giselle. I've always had a soft spot for Disney princesses, partly because I grew up loving Disney animation, as so many did and also because I've always liked looking at pretty girls. So when the film's action zipped to present day New York, with real live people, I have to say I was a bit disappointed that this part was over, the sparkle and volume giving way to normal old reality.

But today I came across the news that this year Disney are releasing a new hand drawn 2D animation called The Princess and the Frog, it's going to be a proper fairytale, just like the classics, a new spin on The Frog Prince with Broadway-style songs, set in the jazz fueled New Orleans of the 1920s. It seems timed to perfection, what with Obama taking the reins, as it's got Disney's first black princess, called Tiana, as well as a lovesick Cajun firefly, a voodoo curse, John Goodman and a spoiled brat rival for the heroine. So now I can look forward to some of that retro Disney fuzziness. Yesss!


  1. Oh my! VERY excited for this!

  2. I loved Enchanted - it makes me want to run out into the garden with my nightgown flowing behind me and sing a really happy cheerful song.

  3. enchanted was amazing. real feel good. Girls I just wanted to ask you if it was Ok that we forwarded the pics we took of you at the last brunch to a Canadian fashion magazine who've asked us to submit a range to represent Irish fashion/style? hope that it's ok. couldn't find an email add to contact you privately!

  4. I do love a Disney princess or two.

    It's a pity I can't draw because I'd do all kinds of crazy shit with them.

    Having said that, there are sites I can go to.....

  5. waitup - me too!

    Lottie - it's such a super happy film isn't it! I love the big song and dance routine in Central Park.

    Arsheen - that's deadly!

    Maxi - so I've seen on your site! I suppose it's to be expected when they make them so good lookin!

  6. Christmas is made for that kind of thing! It may come as a surprise but I never really wanted to be a princess myself :-)


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