Monday, January 05, 2009

Plastic Trees, Poker and the Bunny of Death

Kitty's Christmas holidays consisted of:

- Coming to terms with the fact that we had a fake tree at home for the first time EVER. It actually looked really good, but it's just not the same without the piney smell.

- DEADLY Christmas presents. Everyone was on form this year!

- A night at home in which 34 assorted relatives came over for turkey, potato stuffing and poker. There was a chocolate fountain and I had my ass handed to me in the poker, which I'm blaming on shite cards.

- Missing my bear of a boyfriend like mad for the week I was home and making up for it by sending him durty text messages.

- A night out with the girls from school who I hadn't seen in about 2 years or something ridiculous like that. By closing time at the pub, me and AA were the last two standing out of the group and decided to go on the absolute rip in one of my hometown's two fine nightclubs, the one I had never been to despite it being open for about 7 years by now. English accents were the theme of the night and every second person at the club was someone I had been to school with, although none of them recognised me at first.

- Said night culminating with me crashing on a couch in the foetal position with a blanket pulled over my head as there was a little black bunny on the loose in the room and I didn't fancy waking up with him on my head. I thought we'd become friends but I awoke the next morning to find he'd bitten a small hole in my bag. Possibly to get at the pink lollipop I'd forgotten about, or possibly because he was just a malicious little fucker.

- Spending the second week with Himself in Dublin drinking, in bed and watching The Sopranos. Sometimes all at once.

- A trip to Westport with Himself and his brother, aka The Loudest Man In The Universe* to meet approximately 3 million of his bonkers-but-lovely relatives, including The Parents.

- Discovering a hidden talent at hula hooping on the Wii Fit. Can't hula hoop for nuts in real life but on Le Wii I kick serious ass!

Lovely! But now it's back to work. Boo.

*Seriously, he's so loud that mid-conversation at Electric Picnic, I realised that the box in my hand that I was eating a pie out of was vibrating as he was talking.



  1. lol, sounds excellent.

  2. Sounds like a lovely Christmas!

    I had a few days in bed with the OH, drinking and watching The Wire. It was my favourite part of the whole holidays.

  3. Anon: It sure was, I'm counting the days to next bank holiday weekend!

    Annie: Yep, it's lovely to hibernate with a brilliant show to watch! Must get into The Wire once we've finished with Tony.


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