Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Old Posters

They don't make them like they use to

Vintage Original Poster. Art designed by Vyletal, an amazing invocation of Aubrey Beardsley’s Art Nouveau posters of the 1890’s, for this Orson Welles film with Jeanne Moreau.

Very rare poster for Marlene’s Broadway stage one-woman show at the Mark Hellinger Theatre. An extremely rare poster highlighted by the famous artwork of Dietrich.

Louise Brooks here is translated into art form from a famous period portrait of her by Eugene Robert Richee

The classic shot of Marlene Dietrich from one of her best films with director Joseph von Sternberg.

My buddy Ms Dizzle sent me over this link for a load of old film posters above are just a selection!


  1. Love love love Blonde Venus. Great choice.

    /Male Mode.

  2. Oh I love these!!! theyre amazing! xxx


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