Friday, January 09, 2009

Second Chance... probably

For reasons I don't really want to mention till I know for def if its happening, but I might not be able to go shopping for a while so I think I need to bite the bullet and embrace my fear of second hand and source a few good second hand shops. I know that there are good bargains to be had but I just have this aversion to second hand clothes and rumaging through the shite to find the one golden piece of "worth the smell" clothing! i know 'harlequinn' is suppose to be good and 'second chance'. Any others?

I tried a few times to go into second hand places but I ended up giving back a few pieces I had gotten in Cork because I just start thinking about who owned the clothes and always in my head its some smelly snack box with sweaty arm pits and a liking for curry! HELP!

I think I just need to find something really cool and vintage and gorgeous and I think it'll start the ball rolling!
any advice?

that is all


  1. Well there are a good scatter on the run up Georges St. towards Camden St. but there's a lot to be said for just waiting till you see something you like and then just mugging the person who has it. Cheaper at least!

  2. bear - i like where your heads at!!

  3. Oooh, good luck with whatever it is you're not mentioning yet. Fingers crossed for you...

    I think when it comes to second hand stuff, if you know some nice people (friends of the family etc) who volunteer at things like charity shops, talk to them about good things in their own shop and make sure you find out where to stay away from while you're at it ;)

    I'm pretty good at recycling stuff I used to wear ages ago but never threw out. Have a rummage & you just never know what you might find in your own CS Lewis Wardrobe!

  4. I have a slight aversion to Harlequin ever since buying a skirt on sale in penneys for 3 euro only to find it stocked as 'vintage' in Harlequin for about 30 quid. I personally find it very overpriced. Jenny Vanders is just round the corner and, while it's pricier and more a special occasion stop for me, the clothes are exquisite and priced accordingly. A Store is Born is also fantastic, only open on Saturdays though. Wild Child in Temple Bar is my all time favourite and I do like the Loft Market also. A trek from Camden street all the way down Georges Street and on to Capel Street will cover some great charity shops too. And now, I need to go shopping...

  5. It's all about how you imagine the previous owner, you see sweaty snack box, I see glamorous 50's teenager who kept her favourite pieces to pass on to a daughter she never had.
    Fabreze and Woolite are a godsend by the way..

  6. ah thanks guys! your right sexy ped i do have to imagine the owner being a fashion godess!
    katie - i will be cautious, i supppose alot more people are trying to get into vintage these days so it's prob easier for shops to pull stunts like that! thanks for the map aswell i think this sat will consist of a trip up camden street to a few of these shops for a good rummage! and hopefully i will find something truely amazing. although when your looking for something you never find it do you!!

    lads ye are great, and after my trip i will have something to talk about aty my brunch on sun!!

  7. Ok T-cup,

    Here it is. Forget Harlequin and all that crazy overpriced shit. Ok, I take it back, they're good for truly retro stuff like addidas 70s gear, at least they were in 1998 when I was last in there.

    But Katie Lilga is right. Too expensive and damn right taking the piss out of the miracle that is the second hand shop.

    Places to try are Enable Ireland, St. Vincent de Paul, Cancer Socieity of Ireland. Mostly Georges St, try Thomas St. too.

    Going south, theres a nice shop called the Stock Exchange opposite Dunnes in Dun Laoghaire. They are pricey but it's mostly designer/high street and they don't smell at all :) (I got a pair of knee high purple Docs buy of 06)

    For second hand shops best rule is to head to rich towns, as rich people give away richer clothes, or that's my two cent on it anyway. Dun L, Dalkey, I don't know,Malahide or whatver. Rich ladies seem to shop, and shop well.

    Look out for accessories like belts and handbags, Enable Ireland is good for that.
    So best of luck with the shopping, Give us a post of what you got!


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