Monday, January 05, 2009

The New Doctor

wotcha think?


  1. not happy. not happy at all. what do you think?


  2. I'm not entirely convinced. I liked him the Sally Lockhart Mysteries, but it was always going to be super difficult to follow Tennant. I dunno, I think he's too young but I won't write him off yet anyway.

  3. mmm will have to judge it when he starts i mean david tennent had big shoes to follow as well so you never know.

  4. I don't know. I will trust their judgment as the last two were super.

    If I am to be critical - he's a little young and effeminate. But he has the right look. I suppose.

    David Tennant should just stay.

  5. yea i agree with his look lottie, although his eyebrows are a bit weird?

    and yes david tennant should just stay

  6. oh, i'm v happy w this! if you go back to christopher eccleston, it's glaringly obvious what russell t davies wanted the nouties doctor to be
    v progressive i thought to continue in this vain.. the doctor has become more intriguing and tbh, sexier not just in looks - come back EC! - quirky, a bit jack the lad, intense, funny and in better clothes! simon davidson and colin jackson are a mere memory!

  7. @ glitter you seem to know more than anyone are you thee russel t davies??

    seriously i'm reserving judgement til i watch his first episode hopefully by then he''ll ave sorted his eyebrows out.

  8. I'm nervous. He doesn't look right, but I was very unsure of Tennant before he went on to be the best Doctor. I'm remaining open minded.


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