Monday, January 12, 2009

My Hot Date in February

While idly reading Perez Hilton's site on Friday, I skimmed over some story about how Fergie Ferg and yer man from that Las Vegas show had Dita Von Teese perform at their joint stag/hen night. *Sigh* thought I. Seeing Dita live would be all kinds of amazing, oh if only. When I got to the last line of the story, I actually froze up and reread it about eight times, just in case I was delirious from Friday fever.

You WHAT? After the quickest googling of my life, I had the "Buy Tickets" page for Le Crazy Horse Paris open in front of me, and while stopping myself from clicking the beautiful shiny BUY button about four times, I emailed Himself, using possibly more exclamation marks than I ever have in my life. He reminded me how ridiculously expensive a trip such as this would be but agreed to think about it.

So guess where we'll be on the night of Friday 6th February?
In PARIS. At the Crazy Horse. In front of Miss Dita. That's where, bitches!

I've wanted to go to Crazy Horse ever since I read this in The Sunday Times Magazine and I've wanted to see Dita perform since forever! Two sexy birds with one superfun stone! So how do we follow a show like that while in Paris? By going to Disneyland of course! Strippers and rollercoasters - it's going to be the best weekend EVER in the history of weekends.

25 days to go!

Now what the HELL do I wear?!


  1. PLEAAASSSEEEE tell me she's on the weekend after valentines (doubtful I know...) She is so fucking cool

  2. Sorry Red, she's only on till the 15th! It costs more to see her on Valentine's Day which is why we're going the weekend before! Can't freakin WAIT!


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