Tuesday, January 06, 2009

the mighty boosh part deux (too obvious?)

So last night we donned our hitcher polo minted eye our goth girl fangs and our star.. wars.. t-shirt(?) and headed to the O2 (forward slash) point depot, to see the mighty boosh for a record not first but second time in 5(?) months. i know we are fabulous. Same show different venue. However, the question on everyone's lips last night was... where are the fecking bogs?? ah no seriously though, it was class we had good seats row 2 block g seats 178 or something, we had a great view better view than in the olympia we could see the moon this time instead of having to bend down and look up, (made sense on the night), i screamed and roared when all our favourite characters came on like the two boys and the rest of them (i'm such a lazy typist)

the only thing is that stuff you thought was a mistake or not in the show the time we went to the olympia were actually in the show again this time so they were all part of the show which was a little disappointing but i'm literally grabbing/pulling (whatever your preference) at straws there to find something wrong with the show.

anyway they were class as you would expect and i stil prefer julian, if i had to choose.

we forgot our camera last night so i only had my phone and i took pics of the screens and they are not great so forgive the pure state of the resolution on these. we have better ones on a post somewhere else. swear!

that is all.


  1. Ahem...I wasn't overly impressed. The second half was great - a million times better than the first, but overall, I spent more time being amazed by the new Point Theatre. :)

  2. mmm i see where your coming from and the atmosphere i think in the olympia was better AND there was a notable lack of emo as well at the time.

    the point is class though isn't it? next time i'm there i'll be looking at wee angus young and co rocking it out!!!

  3. I've seen the show around 6 times (ahem!) and there are loooads of things in it that you think the first time you see it are mistakes/ad libs etc, then find out the next time that they're scripted...which in one way is disappointing (like Bollo falling, he's done that for months, it looks great though!) but in another shows how good they are at natural acting, and at keeping things fresh night after night.


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