Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh vodka, why you mock me?

Good Idea
Abandoning Saturday's mission to discover all manner of vintage bargains due to rain, wind and shite weather in general and spending most of the day holed up in Ron Black's horsing into pints with Tcup and Miss Dizzle.

Still a Good Idea at the Time
Continuing the session till 4 in the morning in Rathmines, (ie Toast) with T and Marzipan and getting demented courtesy of a heap of vodka and the odd jaegerbomb. There were balloons. I think.

Bad Idea
Getting shitfaced the night before a fancy brunch with lovely fellow bloggers (see below) and having to hide the DT shakes, not to mention The Fear, whilst acting like a lady.

We also had to overcome the feeling that we were total frauds being there and would get rumbled and told to get the hell out of Dodge because we're not REALLY proper fashion bloggers. Although we do blog about fashion it's not our man subject matter. But we weren't. And everyone was sound and lovely. Yay!

In other news...
I've been going with Himself for 6 months since last Friday.
Imagine that!
(And it's 18 days to Paris! Woo!)


  1. It's a bitch of a thing alright, SP but yet never enough to deter me from the next session!

  2. I'm sure you'll have better luck with vintage shopping in Paris!

  3. Ah good idea bad idea. Awesome.


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