Monday, January 19, 2009

fashion bloggers brunch at the dylan hotel

So today is the most depressing day of the year. Well I can agree with that as yesterday I was at a lovely brunch with lovely people in a lovely hotel and had lovely eggs benedict and lovely creme brulee, yummy and today I'm back at work. meh! I was however severely hungover and had a bad dose of the shakes! So i wasn't the most sociable person there apologies for that! As you would expect though everyone dressed up for the event and i spent most of my time looking at peoples outfits and thinking why can't i ever find clothes like that?

The dylan hotel is just fab so pretty inside and out the taxi man told us that's its a listed building. The interior was really contemporary and all the lamp shades and mirrors and fancy wallpaper took my mind off my hangover! (i would be brought straight back down to earth though when i went back to eating, the fecking egg kept falling off my fork because of the shakes!)

thanks again annmarie for the invite, see you in the clarence!

for pics have a look at iblogfashion.


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  1. No wonder yiz were so quiet. Next time my pretties. xxx Ailbhe


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