Friday, January 09, 2009

Che: Part One

Myself, Tcup and two of the buachaillaí saw Che: Part One in the IFI last night. It was a teeny bit of a stretch to accept Benicio del Toro as a 30 year old, but ultimately you wouldn't give a feck and it doesn't matter, as he's so intense and charming (not to mention sexy!) as Che. This part of the story covers the two years where the Castro-led Cubans gain the momentum to topple the regime of the dictator, Batista. It flips between telling this story and showing black and white newsreel style footage of Benicio as Che being interviewed for US television and addressing the UN in New York in 1964, which I thought broke up the look of the film nicely. It's well worth a look, and unexpectedly features Rodrigo Santoro (he's yer man that Laura Linney almost gets it on with from Love Actually, and is also in that Chanel No. 5 ad where Nicole Kidman sounds like an out-of-breath gobshite. "Driive") as Raúl Castro.

Part Two is out and February, and I know I'll definitely be back to catch it.



  1. no the blurb sounds very "the irish times - benicio gives a powerful and memorable performance as the young argentine, yada yada yada...."

  2. Well I didn't, maybe there's a career for me in it then! :P


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