Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bainbridge. I SO would.

I love Matt Berry.

Lately he is seriously giving Alan Rickman a run for his money on my favourite voices list. You know who I mean, he's Douglas Reynholm in The IT Crowd, Dixon Bainbridge in The Mighty Boosh and Dr Sanchez in Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (which I've only seen in bits and pieces on YouChoob - but it looks deadly). Now he's the voice of the "Bring on the trumpets!" bear sweetie in The Natural Confectionary Co. ads, (Thank FOOK they ditched that whole Aussie daddy/daughter angle and went with unreasonable talking sweets. Much better) and this one too...

Genius. And oh mo Dhia, that voice does things to me even though it's a jelly dinosaur. They've never been more attractive. He had a sketch show with Rich Fulcher (Bob Fossil) a few years ago on BBC3 called Snuff Box, and it's effing hilarious. Just put it into the search bar on YouTube and all manner of brilliant sketches will be yours to peruse. Such as these, the 'Boyfriend" sketches. FUCK YOU!

His IMDb page says he used to work as an actor in The London Dungeon in the early 2000s, Christ if he was still there I'd have to be dragged out of the place. He must have been a judge or something of that nature in it. Oooh yes please m'lud. As it is, I'm a total sucker for comedians (I might have texted Ray Darcy's show to tell Glenn Wool I'd have his babies. He said so long as I was over 18 and mentally stable to sit at the front of his next gig...) and the more I look at him (and hear him), the more I think: MIAOW!


  1. he kinda looks like admits too!

  2. Darkplace is very funny - you can get it as a double box set with Man to Man with Dean Learner, who is the Richard Ayoade. VG altogether.

  3. Hehe, THE Richard Ayoade. He's so lovely in The IT Crowd. Might have a looksee for the Darkplace box set then, ta missus!


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