Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lovely Packaging

these can also be found on werk

I found these on lovelypackaging and they are class. The website itself then goes off into other design sites as well. Have found my new favourite website!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's it gonna be?

I've been invited to a party on Friday, which I'm quite excited about as it's called Pirates and Ninjas.

Which begs the question...

Pirates or Ninjas?


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Princess Superstar

Over Christmas, I found myself watching, and dammit really enjoying Disney's Enchanted. I loved the old school animation at the beginning, seeing brand new characters drawn in that gorgeous and familiar 2D Disney style, especially redhead cutie Giselle. I've always had a soft spot for Disney princesses, partly because I grew up loving Disney animation, as so many did and also because I've always liked looking at pretty girls. So when the film's action zipped to present day New York, with real live people, I have to say I was a bit disappointed that this part was over, the sparkle and volume giving way to normal old reality.

But today I came across the news that this year Disney are releasing a new hand drawn 2D animation called The Princess and the Frog, it's going to be a proper fairytale, just like the classics, a new spin on The Frog Prince with Broadway-style songs, set in the jazz fueled New Orleans of the 1920s. It seems timed to perfection, what with Obama taking the reins, as it's got Disney's first black princess, called Tiana, as well as a lovesick Cajun firefly, a voodoo curse, John Goodman and a spoiled brat rival for the heroine. So now I can look forward to some of that retro Disney fuzziness. Yesss!

Push the Button

I hate it when the buttons on my cardigan look up at me all strained, pulling the little hole they live in all out of shape. Even though it does actually fit me, I swear! It's like they're mocking me.


(PS. I'm not speaking for her or anything, but thanks everyone for the comments on TCup's last post, they're very thoughtful and I know they're much appreciated. You're all brilliant.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


If you look to the right of our blog you will see that we are one blogger away from perfect symmetry. So does anyone else want to follow us?

No pressure!!!

update => ahhh symmetry

thanks you guys, ah shucks!!!!


February fun times!

So the weekend after my date with Dita I'm hitting the Rocky Horror Show night in the Sugar Club for Valentine's Day with Himself. For someone who's never been to a burlesque show of any description I'm really packing it all in this February! And once you've RSVPeed it on Facebook, there's no going back! Hooray!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes? do you want something?

So my other boss was just standing over my shoulder there for about a full min which is a long time when your trying to act natural!

Ok from the beginning, he just started looking first around my desk for purchase orders then when he had a fumble with that he just seemed to hover (sp?) around the desk. wasn't really sure what he was looking for but it was so annoying. Do you remember when teachers used to do that? Stand over you when you're trying to concentrate on an exam or when you're writing an essay or something. Like would you fuck off away from me, if you want something ASK! jesus!


Some say that his voice can only be heard by cats, and that he is banned from the city of Chichester

It's the Stig!

"The man known only as The Stig is reported to be 33-year-old former racing stuntman Ben Collins.
The last Stig to reveal his identity was unceremoniously dumped from the motoring show, but it's not yet clear what will happen to Ben."


(via heatworld. Don't you juuudge me!)


WW2 Europe and Palestine. Fascinating, terrible and sad.

More here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Japanese Artist

Topshop AND Vogue

Aztec Tunic Tee
team with skinny jeans/leggins and fab ankle boot like these ALIX Chelsea Platform Boot also available in topshop

Check it out i want to go i want to go!
Topshop and Vogue present one of the hottest SS09 trend previews in town, with a private shopping party at Westfield London on the 11th February. To ensure you keep ahead of the style pack this season there'll be Topshop Style Advisors and Vogue fashion editors on hand to give the latest style advice, as well as live performances by VV Brown, a DJ set by the gorgeous Voguettes and delicious treats from the Maison Bertaux pop-up cocktail cake bar

topshop website here i want it all (except for the nappy esk trousers)

oh well maybe when i'm rich and a famous blogger


Bainbridge. I SO would.

I love Matt Berry.

Lately he is seriously giving Alan Rickman a run for his money on my favourite voices list. You know who I mean, he's Douglas Reynholm in The IT Crowd, Dixon Bainbridge in The Mighty Boosh and Dr Sanchez in Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (which I've only seen in bits and pieces on YouChoob - but it looks deadly). Now he's the voice of the "Bring on the trumpets!" bear sweetie in The Natural Confectionary Co. ads, (Thank FOOK they ditched that whole Aussie daddy/daughter angle and went with unreasonable talking sweets. Much better) and this one too...

Genius. And oh mo Dhia, that voice does things to me even though it's a jelly dinosaur. They've never been more attractive. He had a sketch show with Rich Fulcher (Bob Fossil) a few years ago on BBC3 called Snuff Box, and it's effing hilarious. Just put it into the search bar on YouTube and all manner of brilliant sketches will be yours to peruse. Such as these, the 'Boyfriend" sketches. FUCK YOU!

His IMDb page says he used to work as an actor in The London Dungeon in the early 2000s, Christ if he was still there I'd have to be dragged out of the place. He must have been a judge or something of that nature in it. Oooh yes please m'lud. As it is, I'm a total sucker for comedians (I might have texted Ray Darcy's show to tell Glenn Wool I'd have his babies. He said so long as I was over 18 and mentally stable to sit at the front of his next gig...) and the more I look at him (and hear him), the more I think: MIAOW!

Old Posters

They don't make them like they use to

Vintage Original Poster. Art designed by Vyletal, an amazing invocation of Aubrey Beardsley’s Art Nouveau posters of the 1890’s, for this Orson Welles film with Jeanne Moreau.

Very rare poster for Marlene’s Broadway stage one-woman show at the Mark Hellinger Theatre. An extremely rare poster highlighted by the famous artwork of Dietrich.

Louise Brooks here is translated into art form from a famous period portrait of her by Eugene Robert Richee

The classic shot of Marlene Dietrich from one of her best films with director Joseph von Sternberg.

My buddy Ms Dizzle sent me over this link for a load of old film posters above are just a selection!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh vodka, why you mock me?

Good Idea
Abandoning Saturday's mission to discover all manner of vintage bargains due to rain, wind and shite weather in general and spending most of the day holed up in Ron Black's horsing into pints with Tcup and Miss Dizzle.

Still a Good Idea at the Time
Continuing the session till 4 in the morning in Rathmines, (ie Toast) with T and Marzipan and getting demented courtesy of a heap of vodka and the odd jaegerbomb. There were balloons. I think.

Bad Idea
Getting shitfaced the night before a fancy brunch with lovely fellow bloggers (see below) and having to hide the DT shakes, not to mention The Fear, whilst acting like a lady.

We also had to overcome the feeling that we were total frauds being there and would get rumbled and told to get the hell out of Dodge because we're not REALLY proper fashion bloggers. Although we do blog about fashion it's not our man subject matter. But we weren't. And everyone was sound and lovely. Yay!

In other news...
I've been going with Himself for 6 months since last Friday.
Imagine that!
(And it's 18 days to Paris! Woo!)

fashion bloggers brunch at the dylan hotel

So today is the most depressing day of the year. Well I can agree with that as yesterday I was at a lovely brunch with lovely people in a lovely hotel and had lovely eggs benedict and lovely creme brulee, yummy and today I'm back at work. meh! I was however severely hungover and had a bad dose of the shakes! So i wasn't the most sociable person there apologies for that! As you would expect though everyone dressed up for the event and i spent most of my time looking at peoples outfits and thinking why can't i ever find clothes like that?

The dylan hotel is just fab so pretty inside and out the taxi man told us that's its a listed building. The interior was really contemporary and all the lamp shades and mirrors and fancy wallpaper took my mind off my hangover! (i would be brought straight back down to earth though when i went back to eating, the fecking egg kept falling off my fork because of the shakes!)

thanks again annmarie for the invite, see you in the clarence!

for pics have a look at iblogfashion.


Friday, January 16, 2009

I almost forgot!

I LOVE my boyfriend (and i have a serious gra for my buddy paul too) I will take a better picture of it the next time I'm home but for now this is my portrait!

Lazy Friday Linkage

Even though I'm back to work with 2 weeks I'm still finding it hard to concentrate on anything and generally boot my arse into gear, let alone come up with half-decent blog posts. So in the spirit of opting out for just a little longer, have a gander at these. If you want. Y'know, whatever. (Most of these are via our link queen buddy Miss Dizzle.)

Boyfriends beware.

Watching stuff load suddenly gets interesting.

The Hidden Cost of War.
(An important message but I just really like the typography animation.)

Kinda nerdy, but I think it's great. The stories behind film studio logos.

Sexy business cards.
(That's sexy in a nerdy graphic designer sense, you understand.)

The most genius pick up line ever.

Johnny Knoxville

TV prankster Johnny Knoxville has been detained for allegedly bringing a fake grenade into an airport.Security screeners at Los Angeles International Airport detected the grenade in the Jackass star's hand luggage.It was investigated by a bomb squad who found it did not have a firing pin or explosives.Knoxville told police that the grenade was a prop he forgot to remove from his bag, airport spokeswoman Nancy Castles said. The 38-year-old, whose real name is Philip John Clapp, was later released and allowed to board an American Airlines flight to Miami.


Johnny Knoxville's real name is John Clapp??????



going brunching on sunday, really looking forward to it but what do i wear?? Is it forest casual or what?


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your Ma

Actually no, my Ma. She's got an identical twin who lives in Westmeath, they're both teachers and teach the same subjects. Turns out they both joined Facebook the same evening as each other without knowing.


Actual sign in Ashbourne, Co. Meath


New Year New Look

Yes we have changed the background as the pink was wrecking me buzz...



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The War On Crackbook

Himself sent me this clip today, tis a good giggle.

(23 days to Paris! EEEK. Oh, and we're staying here. Très jolie, non?)


Photoshop Me!

Hey herself sent me this link yesterday, it's a guy who does air brushing and is pretty good at it as well. These are a few before and afters! just click on his portfolio page.

feel better? yea me too.

State of Matthew Mcfadden!



this made me laugh

una indeed does rock! love ma jokes!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


holy moly!!


Love it!!

Just saw this on The Urban Outfitter's website love it!

As the official photographer for Bob Marley's 1973 UK tour (at the tender age of 14 we might add) and also the sex pistols (asked personally by Johnny Rotten himself), Dennis Morris has a pretty impressive CV. If you're a fan of his work, you can go right and ahead and wear it with the Dennis Morris 'Timeless' Collection documenting a whole host of world famous stars from the twentieth century.

Salute the biggest diva on the disco dance floor in this short sleeved Grace Jones tee, finished with crew neck line

urban outfitter's website


Monday, January 12, 2009

My Hot Date in February

While idly reading Perez Hilton's site on Friday, I skimmed over some story about how Fergie Ferg and yer man from that Las Vegas show had Dita Von Teese perform at their joint stag/hen night. *Sigh* thought I. Seeing Dita live would be all kinds of amazing, oh if only. When I got to the last line of the story, I actually froze up and reread it about eight times, just in case I was delirious from Friday fever.

You WHAT? After the quickest googling of my life, I had the "Buy Tickets" page for Le Crazy Horse Paris open in front of me, and while stopping myself from clicking the beautiful shiny BUY button about four times, I emailed Himself, using possibly more exclamation marks than I ever have in my life. He reminded me how ridiculously expensive a trip such as this would be but agreed to think about it.

So guess where we'll be on the night of Friday 6th February?
In PARIS. At the Crazy Horse. In front of Miss Dita. That's where, bitches!

I've wanted to go to Crazy Horse ever since I read this in The Sunday Times Magazine and I've wanted to see Dita perform since forever! Two sexy birds with one superfun stone! So how do we follow a show like that while in Paris? By going to Disneyland of course! Strippers and rollercoasters - it's going to be the best weekend EVER in the history of weekends.

25 days to go!

Now what the HELL do I wear?!


I have to do some fashion research this week. This will include the purchase of Vogue and maybe Tatler! Myself and kitty have been invited to attend the fashion bloggers brunch on sunday, and to say we're a wee bit excited about the event is a bit of an understatement. Anyway what do we wear to this event?? I have my head gear sorted, now just the rest of me has to follow! I'm thinking skinny jeans and a black tux jacket. Thing is my tux jacket is from h & m and is beginning to resemble a fluff ball instead of a jacket. Oh well I guess this means I have purchase one on sat!! Or I could wear a wee guna I have a lovely pink prom style, dress I have only worn once and just looks sadly out at me every time I'm deciding what to wear to work/shops/chipper. mmmm I will have to have a fashion show methinks!

Looks like i'm going shopping on Saturday, too.


Friday, January 09, 2009

Second Chance... probably

For reasons I don't really want to mention till I know for def if its happening, but I might not be able to go shopping for a while so I think I need to bite the bullet and embrace my fear of second hand and source a few good second hand shops. I know that there are good bargains to be had but I just have this aversion to second hand clothes and rumaging through the shite to find the one golden piece of "worth the smell" clothing! i know 'harlequinn' is suppose to be good and 'second chance'. Any others?

I tried a few times to go into second hand places but I ended up giving back a few pieces I had gotten in Cork because I just start thinking about who owned the clothes and always in my head its some smelly snack box with sweaty arm pits and a liking for curry! HELP!

I think I just need to find something really cool and vintage and gorgeous and I think it'll start the ball rolling!
any advice?

that is all

Che: Part One

Myself, Tcup and two of the buachaillaí saw Che: Part One in the IFI last night. It was a teeny bit of a stretch to accept Benicio del Toro as a 30 year old, but ultimately you wouldn't give a feck and it doesn't matter, as he's so intense and charming (not to mention sexy!) as Che. This part of the story covers the two years where the Castro-led Cubans gain the momentum to topple the regime of the dictator, Batista. It flips between telling this story and showing black and white newsreel style footage of Benicio as Che being interviewed for US television and addressing the UN in New York in 1964, which I thought broke up the look of the film nicely. It's well worth a look, and unexpectedly features Rodrigo Santoro (he's yer man that Laura Linney almost gets it on with from Love Actually, and is also in that Chanel No. 5 ad where Nicole Kidman sounds like an out-of-breath gobshite. "Driive") as Raúl Castro.

Part Two is out and February, and I know I'll definitely be back to catch it.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Harry Potter

you get a quick glimpse of ginny going in for the shift as well!! fecking july though!!!

Back in Black, (or whatever colour suit he decides to wear)

Jonathan Ross is set to return to the small screen on the 23rd of January, thank god normal scheduling will resume. I think his guests will include Stephen Fry and Franz Ferdinand, but thats just what a very lazy google search pulled up. I had started going out again on fridays because there was simply nothing on the TV apart from Pat 'the plank' Kenny and he's hardly riveting telly viewing, with his boring Boyzone special with Dawn French lobbed into the middle of it, who was the proud producer of that show?? So when Woss weturns i might even save a bit more mula too!

Anyway roll on the 23rd. I wonder will he make an on air apology?


Empty Street

I went into town last night to meet a few friends. Oh by the way, deal of the week a main course dinner a dessert and a drink in M&S for €12.50! AND it was delicious! result!

Anyway when we left M&S, it was only bout 7.10pm, Grafton street was deserted there was literally no one around bar a few stragellers and a guy singing hallelujah at the top. This is mid sale season and all the shops stil open? Mad.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Truly Scrumptious

I don't know why this popped into my head today, but I absolutely love it to pieces. It's one of my favourite movie scenes and I bet she can do a fantastic robot dance. Although she kinda already is. Anyway it's genius!



After the whole ebay/Professor Layton/evil scheme of my arch nemesis, the accursed zbay02, I contacted PayPal with my tale of woe to get my moolah back. And today, Christmas (or at least January) is saved!

We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your favor.

We were able to recover 34.49 GBP and this amount has been credited to you. Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted.

If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort to recover the balance from the seller.

Yesss! Fuck you zbay02!


the mighty boosh part deux (too obvious?)

So last night we donned our hitcher polo minted eye our goth girl fangs and our star.. wars.. t-shirt(?) and headed to the O2 (forward slash) point depot, to see the mighty boosh for a record not first but second time in 5(?) months. i know we are fabulous. Same show different venue. However, the question on everyone's lips last night was... where are the fecking bogs?? ah no seriously though, it was class we had good seats row 2 block g seats 178 or something, we had a great view better view than in the olympia we could see the moon this time instead of having to bend down and look up, (made sense on the night), i screamed and roared when all our favourite characters came on like the two boys and the rest of them (i'm such a lazy typist)

the only thing is that stuff you thought was a mistake or not in the show the time we went to the olympia were actually in the show again this time so they were all part of the show which was a little disappointing but i'm literally grabbing/pulling (whatever your preference) at straws there to find something wrong with the show.

anyway they were class as you would expect and i stil prefer julian, if i had to choose.

we forgot our camera last night so i only had my phone and i took pics of the screens and they are not great so forgive the pure state of the resolution on these. we have better ones on a post somewhere else. swear!

that is all.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Plastic Trees, Poker and the Bunny of Death

Kitty's Christmas holidays consisted of:

- Coming to terms with the fact that we had a fake tree at home for the first time EVER. It actually looked really good, but it's just not the same without the piney smell.

- DEADLY Christmas presents. Everyone was on form this year!

- A night at home in which 34 assorted relatives came over for turkey, potato stuffing and poker. There was a chocolate fountain and I had my ass handed to me in the poker, which I'm blaming on shite cards.

- Missing my bear of a boyfriend like mad for the week I was home and making up for it by sending him durty text messages.

- A night out with the girls from school who I hadn't seen in about 2 years or something ridiculous like that. By closing time at the pub, me and AA were the last two standing out of the group and decided to go on the absolute rip in one of my hometown's two fine nightclubs, the one I had never been to despite it being open for about 7 years by now. English accents were the theme of the night and every second person at the club was someone I had been to school with, although none of them recognised me at first.

- Said night culminating with me crashing on a couch in the foetal position with a blanket pulled over my head as there was a little black bunny on the loose in the room and I didn't fancy waking up with him on my head. I thought we'd become friends but I awoke the next morning to find he'd bitten a small hole in my bag. Possibly to get at the pink lollipop I'd forgotten about, or possibly because he was just a malicious little fucker.

- Spending the second week with Himself in Dublin drinking, in bed and watching The Sopranos. Sometimes all at once.

- A trip to Westport with Himself and his brother, aka The Loudest Man In The Universe* to meet approximately 3 million of his bonkers-but-lovely relatives, including The Parents.

- Discovering a hidden talent at hula hooping on the Wii Fit. Can't hula hoop for nuts in real life but on Le Wii I kick serious ass!

Lovely! But now it's back to work. Boo.

*Seriously, he's so loud that mid-conversation at Electric Picnic, I realised that the box in my hand that I was eating a pie out of was vibrating as he was talking.


Love it!

god if only i was this good!


The New Doctor

wotcha think?

Friday, January 02, 2009

Ship Shape!

My resolution last year didn't really go to plan! Well it did and it didn't I had promised myself to watch all those movies your suppose to watch like 'the deerhunter' got halfway through that and 'a clockwork orange' have got about 3/4's of the way through that. All 'The godfathers', have one and a half of those films watched BUT, I did watch the first part of the trilogy AND I saw 'one flew over the cukoo's nest' and 'the graduate' and a few more besides so I think I'll carry that resolution on to this year again.

Anyway I have also decided to start dressing for my shape I mean I do already but I have bought a couple of things in the past that were just horendous on me and only because I thought they looked good on the manican did I buy them! I am an hour glass girl which means, I have hips and I have to except it! so this year wil be the year of the shape! I'm going to concentrate on my good points which are my waist, my shoulders and my arms, and i'm going to invest in a good pair of knickers to suck in my ass and belly!

I want to write more about shapes and stuff but i want to also go out tonight and i have to start applying some fake tan!

that is all