Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A pox on their house

So. Following on from my hunt for this infernal game, it turns out the person I bought it from on eBay is conveniently "no longer a registered user". A bit of investigation showed that all their feedback had been given and received over 3 days and an email to someone who left feedback saying they got the game revealed that they never actually did. It would appear that I and many others have been conned out of 40 of my hard earned euros for a sold out game that will never arrive.

Dear zbay02,

May your Christmas tree catch fire.
May you stand on an upturned plug while barefoot.
May you contract syphilis and have to wear a bell around your neck to warn others of your mankyass, thieving presence.
May you lose all the money you have stolen from decent people trying to buy a present for a loved one as you get beaten up by a rabid, knuckleduster-wearing pimp in a case of mistaken identity you absolute cunt.

Have a terrible Christmas and a horribly shite New Year.

Yours sincerely,


As it happens, my effing stellar boyfriend has saved the day, as his aunt had put her name on a waiting list and is collecting the game for me tomorrow. Professor Layton had better be the most amazing fucking thing since sliced bread after all this.

And breathe.



  1. lol. well said. woman after my own heart. particularly like the wearing the bell part, going to remember to use that.

  2. Oh GAWD. I was full of Christmas Cheer before I read this. Sod rotten people everywhere.

  3. Towny - go for it, spread the good word!

    MJ - I didn't mean to bring anybody down! Just had to get it off my chest but I'm back up to full Christmas cheer levels again so not to worry! Anyway there's a happy ending so it's all good!

  4. You're quite right of course! Returning Christmas Cheer presently ;)

    Just don't like hearing about people being ripped off! I suppose it could have been worse, you could have forked out €80 for it, right?!

  5. I almost did! My brother was going to order it from play last night and was going to try to have it delivered to a friend in the UK so it wouldn't be *as much* of a ripoff - talk about hassle! I caught him in time today when I got the word from Himself about his magical aunt! Phew!

  6. ah extra brownie points for himself for saving xmas!!!!

    Tho Kitty cat - you're not allowed use the c u next tuesday word!!

  7. Haha, that's what you think dellie! Although it's usually reserved for when I'm talking about Shia LaBeouf.

  8. Baaastids!

    But no matter how awful someone is. No matter how he screw you over how can you wish for someone to step on an upturned plug in their bare feet?


  9. Hi I just typed this b*stards ebay username into google on the off chance someone else has had the same problem!!! I ordered prof f*cking layton of the same guy! No sign of it and can't get in contact with him!! Have you tried the resolution centre on ebay, i've just filed a claim!


  10. @Lottie: In this case, I'm making an exception!

    @John: really? I thought I'd have to wait till the time I should have gotten a delivery. I'm sure we're not the only ones and I'll definitely try the resolution centre, thanks!

  11. Hi again its john, i've had my money refunded by ebay:) .have to think of another present for my girlfriend, what a bastard, he had such a believable ebay page too.

    ANyway good luck with the refund


  12. That's brilliant John, good to know! Good luck with the present hunt and thanks for the message! :)

  13. Hi there!

    I just stumbled across this page the same way john did. Looks like im not the only one screwed over by this poo face. And I cant file a claim yet untill next week because I ordered it so late from him.
    Ive got his contact number from eBay, but the phone just rings out when I call it. I was gonna wait, hoping that he just cancelled his account to stop people contacting him (there was an update on the listing saying he had over 200 emails in one day). At least I know it aint coming now and a refund at some point (hopefully)
    I think it might be too late for me to find somewhere else selling the game though.
    I gotta ask, have you had a sneaky play? Is it actually worth getting?

  14. Hi Dan, I'm the same, can't file a claim with PayPal till the 21st as I have to wait till 10 days after I paid for it. Haven't had a go yet, it's en route from Sligo at the moment but I've heard it's deadly altogether. It better be after all this!

  15. Just done the same- I actually ordered two - one for a friends son from santa!!! Had told her it was guarenteed. So mad at him- and myself- can't believe i was sucked in!! Hope ye all have a merry christmas- thanks for letting me vent!


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