Friday, December 05, 2008

Here Come the Girls

At the behest of Miss Annie, this is my list of lovely lady crushes in no particular order.

Yet another vote for the gorgeous Zooey Deschanel. Beside her is Emily Booth, who I got a super girl-crush on when she presented OUTthere and Shock Video Massacre on Bravo. The only blonde to make the list, Brigitte Bardot, well duh I mean LOOK at her. Another retro crush, Sophia Loren - especially in that photo, it's like vavavoom was invented to describe her. Electro-rock hotties Robots in Disguise, the ridiculously ride-y Megan Fox, then Rosario Dawson, who is super cool for appearing in Clerks 2 and Sin City. Pin up legend Bettie Page and finally, the sexy biatch that is Monica Bellucci.

Looking at it now, it would appear that I have a thing for dark haired girls with fringes and a big rack. How about that.



  1. Zoooooooeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy......

  2. Oh my God, I totally forgot about Monica Bellucci and Megan Fox. Sex on legs or wha?!

  3. I have a dark fringe and a big rack.

    Though I look like Pauline Collins circa 1989.

    Can I go on your list too?

  4. I totally forgot to put names in mine. Doh!

    Bridget Bardot made into my short list but I went for "how they look now" and decided against it.

    Saying that, she's a remarkable woman who has resisted plastic surgery Good for her!

  5. @ Annie: absofrigginlutely!

    @Sarah: Sure! Strangely enough I had a dream the other night and you were in it, wearing a deadly sparkly gold dress.

    @Lottie: Yeeah I'm sort of disregarding how BB looks now, just for the purposes of the list!

  6. Funnily enough I have a thing for brunettes too (both girl and guy crush)... My list would of course include Megan Fox, then Sophia Bush, Danneel Harris, Cheryl Cole, Rachel Bilson, Jessica from Pussycat Dolls...that'll do for now!

  7. why is all of this making me feel so unattractive?

  8. I love Bettie Page, I even did the fringe thing, which looked good, albeit briefly.


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