Thursday, December 18, 2008


I was in Hamley's in Dundrum over the weekend and found myself looking at the shelves of Barbie dolls. I purposely avoided going anywhere near those baby prostitute Bratz atrocities as they make me feel ill. Anyway, there's a Barbie doll there with a price tag of €148. Yeah. The bones of 150 quid for a doll? Are they serious? Alright, the pink hair is kinda deadly, it's a collector's item type thing and I take it she's been designed or accessorised by fancy pants jewellery designer Tarina Tarantino herself but COME ON does she poo diamonds or at least make the tea or something?


(WOW how girly does that post make this blog look right about now?!)


  1. Stop.


    There's Bratz prostitute dolls?

    I want one.

    There is a website that sells dolls that look like this, but they're for men. And I want one of them too.

  2. Ha, tut tut Maxi. Ya dirtbird. Maxi and the Real Girl?

  3. Ahhhhh I LOOOOVVE IT!! Found myself doing the same thing recently....noticed that every barbie doll's face is different now...

  4. There's something about Barbies that makes me feel all 'wanty'. She's gorgeous. Want. Want. Want.
    Cue tantrum.


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