Monday, December 01, 2008

The Best Story I Heard All Weekend

Ok, it does feature a friend of a friend of a friend type thing but trust me, it happened. I'm just going to call the stars Emma and Sarah, since I don't actually know them. Bear with me.

Emma and Sarah were going for dinner in one of the posh Baggot St restaurants. However, halfway through their starters a waiter came over and apologetically asked if they wouldn't mind moving tables, only because a regular of theirs had turned up and he always sat there, but if not then no big deal. The girls didn't mind at all, and moved with no complaint. When their main course arrived, it came with a bottle of champagne, which the waiter explained was a thank-you for the table from the regular. When the girls turned to look and say thanks, who was sitting there but flippin BONO and some of his mates. A second bottle courtesy of Bono later, Emma stepped outside for a cigarette and met one of the lads from the table and got talking to him.

Emma: Thanks a million for the champagne! How do you know Bono?
Him: Oh, I've been working in the music industry for years, just know him through that really.
Emma: Do you think he'd mind if we got a photo with him?
Him: Yeah, no problem, look I'll ask him when I go back to the table.

Deadly! So after a few minutes the girls get the nod from this fella to come over. They hop in beside Bono, bit of a chat, toss the camera to the friend and he takes the photo for them, they thank the lads and go to pay their bill. The waiter tells them it's already been taken care of, and adds:

By the way, that was the funniest thing I've seen in ages! I can't believe ye threw the camera to Bruce Springsteen!

Can. You. Imagine.




  1. No. Wai.

    My aunty told Bono that he was her number one fan. True story.

  2. Best story I've heard in ages.

  3. @ Annie - haha, you mean he didn't realise that already?

    @ Maxi - good, innit?

  4. Brilliant story! Like his style

  5. Please please please inky swear that this story is true.


  6. ha ha ha.. MORTO is right! great story!

  7. that so did not happen!! jeez ye'd swallow a bus ye would

  8. @ Lottie: it absolutely IS TRUE.

    Shudduup Tcup!

  9. yea and i suppose eric clapton was the waiter as well, lads c'mon!!

  10. Ah Jaaayysus.

    Imagine skipping over THE BOSS for a pic with that fella.

    Bruce is all that Yer Man could never be.

    As in, hot.

  11. Too true Sarah, I'd step over Bono for a photo avec Bruce!

  12. Well I am choosing to believe that it's true.

  13. that is a crazy story and it would be great to think that its true

  14. i read on some other website about this happening in Kehoes - or maybe it was in the daily mail :-/ Good story if its true though!

  15. Bin studdin, missed this sca. Oh holy cowlike.

  16. 'Twas in Popbitch (20 Nov) recently... set in Keogh's as Anne-Marie said:

    >> Drinking with The Boss <<
    Bono takes Bruce out in Dublin

    AD writes:
    "Earlier this year, my sister's friends were drinking in Keoghs bar off Grafton Street, Dublin, and were asked to move by the barman as Bono was on his way in and liked to sit in the snug as it offered privacy. They didn't mind, and after a few more drinks they went over to ask Bono for a photograph. He obliged and they asked the friend he was with to take the photo. Everyone was happy. After Bono and his friend left the barman asked to see the picture. Then asked why, as he'd taken the photo of them with Bono, didn't they get a photo of Bruce Springsteen as well?"

    Scarleh is right!

  17. Ah, I see. Well it happened to someone anyway!

  18. this is a urban mith people like death rash and that sh*t in the bag story. jesus.


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