Tuesday, December 16, 2008

and we're back in the game...

so a couple of months ago we were suppose to be doing the surface graphics for an irish underwear company's packaging, we were also suppose to be present when they took the photos for the pack shot as well. Well someone went on maternity leave for aaagggessss and then they went off and did the photo shoot without me (was not impressed). Anyway it has finally gotten back on the drawing board and i am currently photoshopping a pic of a hot boy, OW OWWWW!!


  1. Do I really need to say this?


    Feck the copyright/legal implications of posting work on blog.

    BTW. Was totally unaware of ANY Irish undies company. Hurrah for pants!

  2. i'll tell you the brand when it's all done and ye can see my incredible work and buy them in the shops, when it's done!!!

  3. I'm well jealous - sounds like the perfect job :-)

  4. Congrats. I like to shout "and I'm back in the game," when I find I am but only people in a particular age bracket get it.


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