Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Secretary Strikes Again

Week 10

Lalala...typey type type...but wait a minute...

Say it with me people! ElectricitAY! In the words of Snap, I Got The Power! After seven weeks of looking at a blank screen, FINALLY this godforsaken laptop has some life jacked into it, now I can play Solitaire all day long. I'll just have to practice minimizing the screen whenever Bill comes by. Maybe I'll make up a spreadsheet or something so it'll look like I'm working. Just like Bob from the Quick Soup ad, nobody fakes busy like I do! Ah this is brilliant, I wonder if PCs still have Minesweeper on them...

I really like wearing these earrings.

But after the ad break...

Ah balls.



  1. lol. i watch for this too. i read on the tv3 website that she is an employee of the production company or something.. . now if i could just find it again !



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