Friday, November 28, 2008

Secret Squirrel

Our wee bloggy wog got a shout out from the lovely people in Phantom 105 during the week when they mentioned the Secretary posts during their Apprentice slot. I actually missed it the first time round since we listen to Today FM in work, but in the car on the way home from the Dead Flags gig on Wednesday night, by complete fluke and to my squeaky excitement I caught the repeat. Thing is, I was in the car with Himself, his housemate and two other friends of his, so I wasn't about to pipe up "Deadly! That's mine and Tcup's blog they're talkin about!". When we started this blogging malarkey, we decided not to tell anyone we know, so none of our friends, family, other halves etc know about it. Not that either of us have or are likely to post anything particularly incriminating, but I think we'd both be more conscious of what we say here if we knew that any of the above were reading. Saying that though, if it had just been me and Himself in the car at the time I probably would have gotten all proper excited and told him all about it. As it is I get the feeling I might end up coming out with it after a bottle of vodka some night! But for now we're still two secret squirrels in our 72% female and really rather pink little blog.



  1. that's exciting! well done girls. bet you had to bite your tongue not to say anything in the car!

  2. Woofrickinghoo :o) it was a rather fabaroonie post or two but... go you guys :)

    and as for the anonymousness, yay for that too. Happy weekend :)

  3. darn i'd have loved to have heard it. go you girls!

  4. Ah thanks girleens you're lovely so ye are!
    @Tina - nearly chewed the lip off my face trying to stop myself!


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