Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shuuush it's a secret!

A while ago we had a thing on the blog about secret/weird crushes, and alot of other blogs around had the same sort of thing up as well. Today on beaut.ie I admitted to secretly liking Girls Aloud! It's not too bad now for me to like them but there was a time when admitting this would of meant deportation from family and friends alike! (although kitty has since admitted to me that she likes them too and has songs on her ipod from them!)

My sister would be the opposite of this she likes Status Quo and dragged me (shame) to Joe Dolan (r.i.p.) once when he was playing in our home town. Now I have to admit also that I did enjoy myself at Joe it was good fun! The sister shouts her like of these "bands" from the roof tops and doesn't care who knows she likes them. I suppose someone has to like them. She has weird taste though she likes judas priest as well?? joe dolan v judas priest, mmmmm

is there any contest really?

Anyway got me thinking who else do we secretly like, in terms of bands and indeed films? Is it finally cool to admit the karate kid was a good 80's film! I saw it again recently and was good but I think it was just for nostalgic reasons.

bands i secretly like:

1) girls aloud
2) the knack (i only know my sharona)
3) bit of bonnie tyler

I'm sure there's more and i'll think of them tonight but for now that's it!

that is all!


  1. Una yesterday, you today- looks like i'll have to give girls aloud a listen.

  2. When I was VERY young I had a big thing for Chris de Burgh - and that was even before lady in Red might I add :-)

  3. @ you can help yourself but dance when a song of theirs comes on, it's like they have a power over you!!

    @ conortje chris de burgh! shamed!

  4. ahem...it's only 2 songs but y'know, whatever..secret's out now I suppose..

  5. I love the Knack "My Sharona" absolute classic, nothing to be ashamed of there. It's pure briliance!

  6. @ it is a brill song pure cheese!

    lionel richie is on the radio now is he stil embarassing?

  7. I openly admit my love for all things girls aloud....

  8. Bagatelle - Second Violin is a gorgeous song to sing. The Foundations & Build Me Up Buttercup also is sung very regularly.

    And... makem and clancy (reminds me of when I was a kid)


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