Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'll give you a live there.

Wheee! Tomorrow evening at 9.45 I'll be on a Ryanair (I know - but they're just so cheap!) flight to Laandaan Taahn. And get this, I'm going with a BOY. A real boy! I've never gone away anywhere with a boyfriend before so I'm very effing excited about the whole thing. It's his friend's birthday so there's something of a crowd converging in the Stoke Newington (?) area of London for a weekend of shindigs and shenanigans. I hear on the grapevine that there'll be house parties, gigs somewhere around Hackney and hanging with the cool kids aplenty, it's going to be brilliant! I'll just have to try not to get ridiculously drunk and make a tit of myself, seeing as I only know maybe three other people who are going. Here's hoping!



  1. Thanks Lottie! Today in work is going to just crawl past though, come on 9.45! :)

  2. Oh oh oh! Have funtimes! :)


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