Monday, November 03, 2008


See what I did there? Aha, I crack myself up. Stayed in on Friday with Himself and watched Saw II, which I thought was actually quite good. It's definitely a type of horror that I can handle a lot better than the jumpy-scary, trauma-inducing type of ohmygod-the-little-biatch-is-NOT-crawling-out-of-the telly-is-she?-ARGHH! films. Also, I'm very very scared of zombies and yet I still find myself on occasion watching Evil Dead, Planet Terror (both of which I have on DVD - go figure), Dawn of the Dead or 28 Days Later, to name a few. At least in Planet Terror, Rose McGowan's stripper with a machine gun leg (I don't care how ridiculous it is, it's deadly) makes up for the undead bastards.

The 28 Days Later zombies are awful hoors altogether though, seeing as some smartarse decided to make them able to run like fuck, which kinda ruined the small comfort of knowing I could probably just leg it in a hypothetical zombie invasion scenario. Thanks a lot, Danny Boyle. The part in the Thriller video where yer wan in that lovely tight denim ensemble is trapped in the house with Jacko and his undead buddies breaking their way in still freaks me out no end. Dancing zombies are all well and good but if they start smashing through doors and timber walls, giving it all that UHHH shite, I'm outta there, I don't care how slowly they stagger along. Even the ones from Shaun of the Dead scare the pants off me. The moral of the story is; when the undead start to walk the earth, I'll probably be the useless one, crying in the corner.



  1. "The end is very fucking nigh"

    Saw I was very clever 0 if tough to watch.Saw II was much easier and almost a teeny bop horror in comparison to the first.

    Saw III (combined with Wolf Creek) sort of ruined gory horrors for me - I actually had to leave the cinema and I saw someone throw up not 10 minutes in. Darren loves them - but I just can't watch that type of film any more.

    Saw V is ou soon and he's pestering me to go. It's just not going to happen.

    It's not horror - it's torture and we don't need demonstrations in that.

  2. you could try just pretending to be one of them like in Shaun of the Dead - I'm sure that would work ;-)

  3. @Lottie: I've only seen the first two Saw films, but I did hear that they pretty much deteriorated after the first one. I'd still class films like it as horror though, gore-fest type of films have always been a cult subgenre of sorts.

    @Conor: I might give that a go actually! Hooray, I might even survive the impending zombie apocalypse in my head!

  4. I can't watch any sort of gore at all, I'm a big wuss. I loved the Others with Nicole Kidman, 'cos it was eerie but you don't actually see anything.

    I'll be with you in the corner missus.


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