Wednesday, November 05, 2008

5th November 2008

I only lasted until 2.30 this morning and nodded off just after hearing he'd taken Ohio. I was never so interested in politics, Irish, US or otherwise, I suppose at the time of the last US election I was too busy being a drunk student but this time around I think everyone will remember where they were when the news broke. Having fallen asleep to the promising Ohio news, this morning in my boyfriend's room as I was getting ready for work (ie throwing myself together), he came back through the door with a big smile "McCain conceded!". What a brilliant start to a Wednesday! Yes we can? They bloody well did! USA!

Also. Reminded me of this:

Hee hee, prophetic, no?



  1. Ha! Love the Blazing Saddles parallel.

  2. Twas the best news in a long time indeed :-)


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