Friday, November 28, 2008

Secret Squirrel

Our wee bloggy wog got a shout out from the lovely people in Phantom 105 during the week when they mentioned the Secretary posts during their Apprentice slot. I actually missed it the first time round since we listen to Today FM in work, but in the car on the way home from the Dead Flags gig on Wednesday night, by complete fluke and to my squeaky excitement I caught the repeat. Thing is, I was in the car with Himself, his housemate and two other friends of his, so I wasn't about to pipe up "Deadly! That's mine and Tcup's blog they're talkin about!". When we started this blogging malarkey, we decided not to tell anyone we know, so none of our friends, family, other halves etc know about it. Not that either of us have or are likely to post anything particularly incriminating, but I think we'd both be more conscious of what we say here if we knew that any of the above were reading. Saying that though, if it had just been me and Himself in the car at the time I probably would have gotten all proper excited and told him all about it. As it is I get the feeling I might end up coming out with it after a bottle of vodka some night! But for now we're still two secret squirrels in our 72% female and really rather pink little blog.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

72% Fe 28% male, mmm

According to this we are 72% female but what about the other 28%???
OK now i'm worried...

that is all

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Dead Flags

I'm going to see these guys in Whelans anocht. Should be good craic, one of Himself's mates is in the band. David Walliams said he liked the name of their single. And Himself is actually in their video. Whoo, he's a minor celebrity! Yesss.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Secretary Strikes Again

Week 10

Lalala...typey type type...but wait a minute...

Say it with me people! ElectricitAY! In the words of Snap, I Got The Power! After seven weeks of looking at a blank screen, FINALLY this godforsaken laptop has some life jacked into it, now I can play Solitaire all day long. I'll just have to practice minimizing the screen whenever Bill comes by. Maybe I'll make up a spreadsheet or something so it'll look like I'm working. Just like Bob from the Quick Soup ad, nobody fakes busy like I do! Ah this is brilliant, I wonder if PCs still have Minesweeper on them...

I really like wearing these earrings.

But after the ad break...

Ah balls.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Love Love Love It

I need to learn this off. It's at least seven kinds of genius.
Even though he forgot Wales.

See him sing it in person here, it's amazing!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ride of the Week...

...goes to Paul Warick No. 10 Jersey (well last night anyway) for Munster, altogether now, drool

that is all

Do you ever..

..stare at ceilings and think:
"An upside-down house would be great craic!"

Mise freisin!



Ah Man.... so close unlucky! they were that close! oh well some match though my heart brimmed with pride as the boys ran out onto the pitch. The munster boys who did the hakka were amazing it has to be one of the best sights i've seen at a rugby game ever pure class the roar of the crowd behind them was unbelievable. I had goosebumps watching it. There is just something about rugby in munster though each county has either hurling or football but we all come together for rugby it's a religion really.

I have to say aswel when they brought the ball in by helicopter i thought "only in ireland' still though when the army man held up the ball there was some roar, and lets not forget the boys who played in 1978 were there too. they got the biggest cheer!

anyway the first person to score at the match and at the new thomond park stadium was Paul Warick. How has he escaped my radar? Yer man is a ride! Myself and my buddy J were transfixed looking at him. He's fecking lovely!! for a pic have a look at Glitterkitty's site, drool

It's a pity we didn't have that back row on sat last! i know people are saying that it was the New Zealand B team but it was still New Zealand! And some of the munster guys hadn't played before either. So we should be proud of them! And fair play to the New Zealand boys coming out after the match and saluting the crowd too.

well done!!!

that is all


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Diary of a Secretary

Week One

Was SO excited about my first day as Bill Cullen's secretary. Although I did have to spend the day staring at my lovely vase of flowers, counting petals seeing as Bill only gave me a phone for my desk. Maybe next week I'll get some paper or something. I'd like that. I could practice my autograph.

Week Two

*Sigh* Still no developments on the stationery front. I did get a swanky new phone though. And at least my flowers still look pretty.

Week Three

Got me a laptop and two pens WITH a holder and everything today. Oh yes, this desk is really coming together now. I might get a Feng Shui book so I can organise it in a way that might bring more office products to me.

Week Four

SCORE! Scissors, sellotape AND a stapler! This job is getting better and better. All I need to do now is figure out how to turn on the computer and I'm laughing! Should probably hide the scissors from Joanna though. She scares me.

Week Five

Hmm. Still can't figure out how to turn on that flippin laptop. Bill was nice enough to give me an A4 refill pad and some post-its though, so I can't complain too much I suppose. I think Joanna stole my scissors. Damn.

Week Six

Yeah, that's it pick on the new girl. Can't believe someone took my refill pad and my stapler. Stupid laptop still won't stupid work. Also beginning to suspect that those flowers are fake. Jesus Bill, tight enough.

Week Seven

God I'm so sick of looking at their nervous, backstabby faces and this infuriating blank screen. Then to top it off, as soon as I get my refill pad back, some smartarse took my post-its. I bet Frances never had to deal with this kind of crap on the UK Apprentice. It's time to take matters into my own hands. Stationery cupboard, here I come!

Week Eight

YEAH! Suck on that, bitches! Muahaha look at all this lovely stuff and it's mine, all mine! Anybody even thinking about borrowing my sexy new hole-punch had better back the fuck off. And no-one needs to know that I'm typing on a switched off computer so long as I keep the screen this way. Reeesult.

Week Nine

Excellent. My murderous stare tactic from last week has worked so far. No mysterious disappearances this time round, no siree. Not till next week anyway. Should probably call the Dell helpline to get this laptop sorted out though...


Monday, November 17, 2008

wide awake

was up REALLY early today 5.50am to be precise, to get train up to big smoke. Not too tired yet but i feel it catching up with me!

that is all


Thursday, November 13, 2008


No particular reason.

The Good:
I'm off work tomorrow for my brother's graduation.
I've gotten really quite good at MarioKart Wii.
A job I've been working on since January has FINALLY gone to print.

The Bad:
Weather is a bag of shite.
Think I'm getting sick.

The Ugly:
I've got a cold sore. Sexy.

Sharing is caring, right?


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shuuush it's a secret!

A while ago we had a thing on the blog about secret/weird crushes, and alot of other blogs around had the same sort of thing up as well. Today on I admitted to secretly liking Girls Aloud! It's not too bad now for me to like them but there was a time when admitting this would of meant deportation from family and friends alike! (although kitty has since admitted to me that she likes them too and has songs on her ipod from them!)

My sister would be the opposite of this she likes Status Quo and dragged me (shame) to Joe Dolan (r.i.p.) once when he was playing in our home town. Now I have to admit also that I did enjoy myself at Joe it was good fun! The sister shouts her like of these "bands" from the roof tops and doesn't care who knows she likes them. I suppose someone has to like them. She has weird taste though she likes judas priest as well?? joe dolan v judas priest, mmmmm

is there any contest really?

Anyway got me thinking who else do we secretly like, in terms of bands and indeed films? Is it finally cool to admit the karate kid was a good 80's film! I saw it again recently and was good but I think it was just for nostalgic reasons.

bands i secretly like:

1) girls aloud
2) the knack (i only know my sharona)
3) bit of bonnie tyler

I'm sure there's more and i'll think of them tonight but for now that's it!

that is all!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'll give you a live there.

Wheee! Tomorrow evening at 9.45 I'll be on a Ryanair (I know - but they're just so cheap!) flight to Laandaan Taahn. And get this, I'm going with a BOY. A real boy! I've never gone away anywhere with a boyfriend before so I'm very effing excited about the whole thing. It's his friend's birthday so there's something of a crowd converging in the Stoke Newington (?) area of London for a weekend of shindigs and shenanigans. I hear on the grapevine that there'll be house parties, gigs somewhere around Hackney and hanging with the cool kids aplenty, it's going to be brilliant! I'll just have to try not to get ridiculously drunk and make a tit of myself, seeing as I only know maybe three other people who are going. Here's hoping!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

5th November 2008

I only lasted until 2.30 this morning and nodded off just after hearing he'd taken Ohio. I was never so interested in politics, Irish, US or otherwise, I suppose at the time of the last US election I was too busy being a drunk student but this time around I think everyone will remember where they were when the news broke. Having fallen asleep to the promising Ohio news, this morning in my boyfriend's room as I was getting ready for work (ie throwing myself together), he came back through the door with a big smile "McCain conceded!". What a brilliant start to a Wednesday! Yes we can? They bloody well did! USA!

Also. Reminded me of this:

Hee hee, prophetic, no?


Monday, November 03, 2008


See what I did there? Aha, I crack myself up. Stayed in on Friday with Himself and watched Saw II, which I thought was actually quite good. It's definitely a type of horror that I can handle a lot better than the jumpy-scary, trauma-inducing type of ohmygod-the-little-biatch-is-NOT-crawling-out-of-the telly-is-she?-ARGHH! films. Also, I'm very very scared of zombies and yet I still find myself on occasion watching Evil Dead, Planet Terror (both of which I have on DVD - go figure), Dawn of the Dead or 28 Days Later, to name a few. At least in Planet Terror, Rose McGowan's stripper with a machine gun leg (I don't care how ridiculous it is, it's deadly) makes up for the undead bastards.

The 28 Days Later zombies are awful hoors altogether though, seeing as some smartarse decided to make them able to run like fuck, which kinda ruined the small comfort of knowing I could probably just leg it in a hypothetical zombie invasion scenario. Thanks a lot, Danny Boyle. The part in the Thriller video where yer wan in that lovely tight denim ensemble is trapped in the house with Jacko and his undead buddies breaking their way in still freaks me out no end. Dancing zombies are all well and good but if they start smashing through doors and timber walls, giving it all that UHHH shite, I'm outta there, I don't care how slowly they stagger along. Even the ones from Shaun of the Dead scare the pants off me. The moral of the story is; when the undead start to walk the earth, I'll probably be the useless one, crying in the corner.


not so egg-cellent

hey so how was the weekend for everyone? did anyone get egged my sister had an egg on the window on sat night the little shits! lots of bangers lots of fireworks. but is halloween still the holiday it used to be? do kids go trick or treating or is it more like gorilla war fare now?

that is all