Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Weekend Woes..

So i had a wedding this weekend and it went very well my dress looked amazing I have to say. My mother liked it which is a rare occurrance in itself. I usually get that mammy look, you know the one i mean, head tilts to the side and her face gets all scrunched up and a "your not going out in that are you?" Anyway it was a great night/day. However the following two days were a "total mare" I woke up on sunday with the pain of a thousand eyelashes stuck in my right eye. The pain the pain!! It was so sore I had foolishly left in my contacts the night before and was paying the severe price. And to add insult to injury the fecking sun was shining right into my eye, ALL DAY! I was teary mcteary all. day. sunday. I went to bed when I got home hoping the pain would be gone by the time I woke up, foolish me!! It was just the same. I couldn't see anything. (I had lost my glasses a couple of weeks ago) I was walking around with my hands outstretched trying to feel my way around the house all day. I was a sight I tell ya, (i think?) anyway as the day went on it was getting better and i had called my boss and gotten Moanday off. So that was fine. Or so the universe was leading me into believing! Feeling sorry for myself i decided to make tea for moi and the BF before the secret police man's ball was on ch4, and then the universe thought it would be fun to spill the boiling water on my ass!!!! AH ooooooOOOOWWWW.... so sore!! i now have a big red ugly mark on my ass!! it never rains but it shagging pours!! I hate you universe. (shaking my fist at the sky)

AND i had to fork out €130 for the opticians as well!!! grrrr poor me!!

that is all...


  1. oh dear that all sounds horrible - at least you had Monday off though :-)

  2. it was pretty bad al right i'm a waling disaster


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