Monday, October 06, 2008

Screw you, World!

I didn't leave the house once all day on Saturday. I felt a bit guilty about this brazen show of laziness but I convinced myself that the howling wind and occasional rain justified it, and stayed in with Himself drinking loads of tea and recovering from the bottle of vodka we shared the night before. Through the course of the day we managed to watch five movies, which I thought was fairly impressive.

Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr fixed my hangover. His talents know no bounds.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - everyone had slated it so much that I wasn't expecting anything from it, but I actually really enjoyed it. Apart from Shia LaFuckface. He's the Scrappy Doo to Indiana's Scooby.
Mrs Doubtfire - It's a classic! But the scenes towards the end in the restaurant when he's trying to work between the two tables with all the bathroom dashes and changing back and forth always makes me uncomfortable and a bit anxious for some reason.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - More goodness of the Downey Jr variety.
Amelie - possibly the most gorgeous film EVER. She breaks my heart when she cries in the kitchen, thinking she's blown it with Nino.

Me: 1
The world on Saturday: 0



  1. 5 films. that's not laziness. that's time seriously well soent. except for the mrs doubtfire bit of course.

  2. I'm impressed and look forward to the day i will be doing that.

    Because I WILL be doing that.

  3. Guilty? Phfft! That is most of my Saturdays AND Sundays! I have been catching up on the Police Academy series over the past few weeks.

    You need a day like that every so often.

  4. that's a good result for sure! I've never seen an Indiana jones movie or the goonies either.....sheltered life

  5. @red: ah come on! I eat wood, it tastes meat...big feet...I eat wood do do do do DOOO!

    @RPs: I'm lookin forward to the next one already!

    @lottie: ah, I love a bit of Zed.

    @Manuel: .....there are no words. Truffle shuffle! Tell me you've at least seen The Lost Boys!

  6. Manuel no goonies???

    Say it ain't so.

  7. Ah, the Truffle Shuffle.

    The only way I could gain entry to most sleepovers and birthday parties.

    Including my own 21st.


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