Thursday, October 02, 2008


it's official i am totally OBSESSED with the Mighty Boosh, myself and Kitty have just booked 4 tickets for the Boosh in The O2 (ie the point) for jan 5th 09' and i can't friggin wait!! I'm more excited about this show than i was about the one in the Olympia. We had to wait nine shaggin months for that bad boy, but now we only have to wait... (let me see now....1,2,... FOUR! ickle months, not even that cos its at the start on jan) I am a total convert since seeing them live. I hope they jazz (get the reference, no?) it up a bit more not that it needs jazzing up, but for a venue of that size i think they will have to do something different so that it projects out to the back of the room.

We are going with our pardners too, which will be interesting it'll be our first (unless we go on one before that) double date. But i have to say i think both K and I will be too busy drooling about the two on the stage than looking at the himselfs. And it'll be just after christmas so we'll still have that lovely Christmassy feeling.

Anyway i urge you people get tickets before all that's left is a seat behind the toilets. It's a show worth watching and in years to come it'll be a case of...

"oh yea i saw them live, once. Really good"

that is all!!

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