Monday, October 20, 2008

i dunno about you...

a happy bunny that's me!

.. but i find it hard to keep the blog going, (don't worry we ain't shutting down) but it's hard sometimes to think about things to write.

Anyway i'll be off the radar for the next week as i am FINALLY going to london seems like i've been talking about going to london since forever began. but the day has finally arrived (well tomo is THEE day) i can't wait, the hotel we are staying at has loads of good reviews on the wo wo wo (world wide web) and we have tickets to spamalot on wednesday night. My two favourite things, monty python and london. O. jesus. i think i've just come!! AND i'm going to hit topshop like a mutha fuckarrrr!! so for now children i'll be seeing you next tues with tales of london delight!

oh and for you beaut dot eye e ladies i'm going to athlone on that spa trip next sat so i'll be able to tell you all about it on tues too. but so far i'm not impressed, i hope their telephone skills aren't a reflection on the customer service of the whole hotel!

anyhu that is all!!

t :)


  1. Have a blast. In fact take me with you won't you?

  2. yea sure plenty of room in my mala, girl!

  3. Boo to London.

    The theaters are great though.

  4. @Maxi - you're just jealous!

  5. You'll be in Athlone, I'm often in Athlone! enjoy lovely london!


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