Friday, October 31, 2008

hallo- friggin' - ween

i'm the one in the middle giving it socks!

i was thinking if kids knock on the door tonight i'll answer it by screaming at them instead of your usual "oh look a little princess and what are you supposed to be?" although that sounds like something my mother would say to me and my sister on any saturday night without the princess bit, of course! but the "what are you supposed to be" would have a hand on hip and her face all scrunched up wit a glint of tut tut in her eyes. The usual reply was "oh mammy you haven't a clue about fashion" although looking back at some photos from years gone by she had a point more often than not!

Anyway i won't be dressing up tonight although i do love a good fancy dress, the last time i dressed up i think i was a moulin rouge lady a group of us went as them. Had a great night. I think one of the girls went as a milk carton as well she just painted a cardboard box white with the Dawn logo on it. She had three holes two either side and one near the top if she needed to take a sip of her pint. it looked brilliant! It proved however to be too much of a hassle getting home afterwards, no taxi would take it, without charging her for it anyway, so it was left on St. Patrick's bridge for the morning milk round! i think a few drunken people still think they were seeing things when they saw it alone on the bridge!

" that's the biggest carton of milk, ever!... (hiccup)"

i would love to go as catwoman to a party, but unfortunately i don't have the hips for the catsuit!

t .x


  1. I went as a pumpkin one a pumpkin mask, peach aran sweater and green pants...oh to be 9 again!

    I wanted to dress up as a couch this year though, me and one of the girls were going to do it...would have been so much fun!

  2. a couch that's brilliant!! how would you that? i love it when people as things like that, i think at a tramps ball before in college one of the fellas dressed up as a duvet or a pillow classis!!

  3. the words i left out there are, (in no particular order) do and dress, that is all!

  4. We're off to Rocky Horror in the sugar club. Funsies.

  5. @Lottie - So jealous! I always think that those screenings would be mad craic altogether. Maybe next year..

  6. @KC - it's tickets on the door so....

    Go get yer fishnets!


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