Friday, October 10, 2008

Fat Guy/Hot Wife Syndrome

After reading Maxi's durty post about sexy cartoon girls and the fact that Marge Simpson seems to love fat, bald men, I got thinking that there's loads of other fictional couples where the girl is the hot one and could probably do a lot better, yet she stands by her unreliable, often chunkier and occaisonaly less intelligent man. Aaw.

Exhibit A: Lois and Peter Griffin

What's the deal here? Lois is a foxy ex-model but married to a bloke with testicles on his chin. Takes all sorts I suppose.

Exhibit B: Wilma and Fred Flintstone

Kinda like the Bedrock version of Lois and Peter, average guy married to cute (not to mention extremely tolerant) redhead.

Exhibit C: Carrie and Doug

To me, King of Queens is usually Last Resort TV or just something to watch for a few minutes during ad breaks, and I'm always struck by how hot Carrie is, compared to Doug. I'm a sucker for funny guys and there's not many comedians I wouldn't quite happily go for, so clearly she's also a girl who can be laughed into bed.

Anyway, there's probably loads more but it was just a thought and y'know I've got work to be doing and all that...



  1. Awesome choices.

    All of those chicks are hot, which gives hope to heavy, balding and smelly men like me everywhere.

    Although, I already have a hot chick.

  2. There are tonnes of them, SATC, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfield, Drew Carey Show(although I think Drew is adorable), Family Guy, That one about the Jewish family with the guy from Prison break.

    Its a result of lazy writing and Hollywood wanting another catch for the viewers by casting gorgeous model like women in the domestic/wife role. This is Hollywood - unattractive or plain women are almost unknown in television due to this - Look at Roasanne, one of the most successful sit-coms ever and she was no stunner.

    The men are not as affected by this - perhaps because they are all Adonis' or it could be that a lot of them are head writers or producers of their own shows. huh...

    Every-so-often they will throw a "you are sooo lucky MAN /Landed on your feet with that one" sketch so that it's acknowledged that Freddy Kruger scored Dianne Lane.

    They usually go one step further to make the Glamour model wife 100% more intelligent than her bumbling husband...hang on...who is this more insulting to, men or women?

    Of course all the wives are horrible sex denying psychos hose only concern is to pull one over on her husband.

  3. @Lottie:

    Jaysus, ruin it for me!

  4. I'm not sure how I stumbled across your blog but I like it!
    This post is very true. Excellent choices of shows :-)


  5. So annoyingly true.

    That picture of yer wan from King of Queens is smoking! Didn't think she was that hot before.

  6. @Maxi: So when is your sitcom starting?

    @Lottie: I know what you're saying, the wifey is usually the smart one too, and it seems like it's ok to have funny, if average looking men on telly but the same doesn't apply to the laydees.

    @Bev: Thanks missus! Come back and we might make ya a cuppa tae!

    @Annee: I know! I just googled her and my mouth fell open! Hottieee!

  7. that girl in the last picture from this king of queens thing, has some very low cut undies on.

  8. this website says it all!

  9. Tenner bets those gals are cast/drawn by guys. Pure male fantasy.

    Though maybe ugly, testicle-chin bearing men are better catches in the long run? Or maybe, they are more work cos you have to constantly reassure them they aint ugly or have genitalia on their faces....who knows.

    Fact of the matter is Queen of Queens there IS smokin, Anneelicious, but the Methodist in me wants to make her pull her pants up just a notch.


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