Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's so long since I've been a girlfriend. In the time between I think I'd forgotten what's involved in it and what ends up occupying your mind. As I'm slowly finding out the details and bits and pieces about Himself's exes, I find myself wanting to know everything about them all at once. I know he's had three long-term relationships and now it appears that I want to know how they got together, what attracted him to them, why they broke up, who did the breaking up, are they prettier than me (I know, shallow or what), did they get on well with all his friends, was he in love with them, does he regret anything about the relationships and would he have done anything differently and probably a million other things. Now, is there actually a way to find all this out without sounding like one of those overthinking, paranoid broads (Reckon it's due for a comeback?) who read into things when there's nothing there and generally act like an insecure loon? I doubt it. And I'm not actually like that, I'm quite laid back and easygoing, but I just find myself coming up with this mad list of Things I Want To Know, and then when we're together I'm so busy just enjoying his company that I don't even think about it.

Maybe girls actually are just mental after all.



  1. "and then when we're together I'm so busy just enjoying his company that I don't even think about it." That's sweet.

    Everyone seems to be talking as Zaniac put it, about the Ex-files at the moment. It comes with the territory of a new relationship and I would say relax and just enjoy getting to know him.

  2. Thanks Lottie, I just needed to take it out of my head and look at it. Sort of like rinsing my brain out by blogging!

  3. Take your own advice... Frankie says relax. Its ok were all crazy in our own ways, and i think its totally normal to want to know about the (dun dun dun) EXES


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