Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Finally! The girl with the sulkiest face in all of Ireland has gotten the boot from Dr Bill, and not a moment too soon either since she should've gone last week. I swear herself and that Joanne one with her BAD headscarf are giving Shia La Beouf a run for his money for the Most Slappable Face Award. She annoyed the hell out of me everytime she was in the boardroom, making me shout involuntarily "Christ! Would she ever take that puss off her!". She's a good looking girl but Jaysis would it kill her to just RELAX her fucking FACE.

Dear Orla,

Please lower your eyebrows. Just once. For the craic, go on.




  1. So true. There really wasn't very much going on in that pretty lil head of hers.

  2. I think i know her! whats her second name? (yes, im completely out of the loop being in oz, so if shes a minor celeb already and THATS why I think I know her...please excooose me.)


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