Friday, October 03, 2008

bra saga continues...

so a couple of days ago i ranted on about having to buy a bra and how difficult it usually is for moi. Well i am officially eating my words. Last night while walking along Henry street with my 'sister from another mister'... (kitty, who did you think i meant?) we were on our way up to O'Connell street and while walking past Debenhams I spotted from the corner of my eye that shade of red that can only mean one thing "SALE!!" cue alleluia music, and a some glitter, and what the hell a few dancing midgets. So naturally enough we tottered in. With a little confusion as to how escalators work (that's another post altogether) we eventually found our way up to the bra and knicker departmento, I could smell the sale signs from half way up the escalator the bras were calling to me. Actually that could have been lunch wafting its way up through me (spicy chicken baguette, never a good idea when you have a touch of IBS) Anyhu... we went to the lingerie section first up was brand Ultimo, and can i just say that Mel b looks like such a schnack box in those photos for Ultimo, the tattoos are sooo trashy.

"oh look it's so pretty and sexy and the straps aren't THAT big"

so i whipped out 2 colours in ma size and went about looking at other brands. The Freya rail had a 20% off sign, so i whipped out one of those bad boys in my size also. Now it was getting late and i was beginning to get hungry and i always do what my stomach says. And this time it was saying...

"hurry up will ya i'm fecking starved here that chicken baguette didn't fill me up at all!"

so i tried on the bras i had in my hand. Oh Jesus the Ultimo bras were skank on me, so weird looking? i mean it fit but then there was what i can only describe as an air bubble at the top. i thought to myself "here we go" fecking typical! I'm guessing it's for these 'women' who can do the pencil test, and pass. (skinny bitches don't exist, and if they do, they are so not happy! right?) anyway Ultimo was not ti-mo so i lobbed on the freya bra and it was so comfy and fit me perfectly. Job! however it did look like something the FCA women would wear and i can't have that in my knicker drawer/shelf under sink. So i went about finding a "sexy" one.

To cut a long story short i found an acceptable bra it's black with green flowers and it fits so well! Have it on me now and my boobies aren't jumping around like a kid on E in a bouncy castle.

So i will wear it tomorrow at yet another wedding with my gorgeous guna, tried it on last night and and my breasts looked AMAZING ask kitty she will confirm. So yippee i can hop skip and jump and not worry about hitting anyone in the eye with my left nipple!

happy days, but, the fecking thing cost €40. (40 euro's i don't have) *sigh* there had to be a catch.

that is all.

t :)


  1. They did look pretty spectacular, it has to be said.

  2. "They did look pretty spectacular, it has to be said." I was wondering about you two.

  3. lottie! they look good in my dress with my new bra!!! cheeky! oh matron

  4. em..oh yeah, in the dress..that's what I meant....

  5. yay for T cup's new (t-cup??) bra and her fabulous boobies :)

  6. "Mel b looks like such a schnack box"

    GIant lol!

    I'm with you on the under rigging woes!


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