Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog action day

Today we're suppose to be be talking about poverty and how it affect us. Well we had our budget yesterday. and as a result we are all just that little bit poorer. not sure yet as to how much more the feckers are taking off us, but you can be sure any raise i get in the future will be going straight into the two brians poca. oh well i suppose it's for the best in the long run people keep rabbiting on about how we're heading into the biggest recession since time began really. and i suppose we need to find money for the banks who foolishly gave out money to people who can't really afford to pay back the loan and now that the shit has hit the fan there is a distinct smell of crap coming from head office, and the government. Anyway i'm going to think a little more about what i will write today because this is going to become a bit of a rant. and not a very coherent one see i've already started.!

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