Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why my head hurts

Was supposed to meet himself and some of his mates after work yesterday for €3.50 pints in the Purty Kitchen. What I didn't expect was to wind up at a preview night of some fancy schmancy members club about eight hundred flights of stairs above it. Some of the lads just wandered into it while looking for the roof terrace and nobody told us to leave so we did the decent thing and scoffed a fuckload of mini burgers, bits of chicken on sticks and, for two of the boys anyway, oysters. Not to mention the free cocktails, namely strawberry daiquiris and something with Coke, lime and possibly rum in it. All of the above made me quite sociable and as a result I got on like a house on fire with The Friends.

At different points throughout the night I:

-Sang (screeched?) along to Careless Whisper with three of the lads on mime-saxophone.
-Had a conversation half in dodgy French for no particular reason with my new friend D about his jealous girlfriend.
-Got stuck in a Budda Bag.
-Had to ward off a gay fella in the unisex toilets who wanted to feel my boobs.
-Found out that Jonathan Rhys Myers is kinda short but broader than you'd think, according to N who works as an extra on The Tudors.

Yep. Us in a members club. Probably won't be happening again anytime soon but I'm well in there with the mates now at least!



  1. fancy sending some mates my way ;)

  2. sounds fabulous and worth the headache.

  3. Yummy! Strawberry daiquiris. What does it say about me that I would love one at this hour of the morning?


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