Monday, September 29, 2008

Who knew?

For a while now I had been dithering over the question of whether or not I loved Himself. It was at the back of my mind since I posted about him saying he does and every so often it would poke me in the brain and say "yeah, but do ya?". I'm indecisive at the best of times, last week I even had a dream about spending an hour in Centra trying to pick a flavour of Ben & Jerry's. I wasn't sure if it was because I had been single for so long and maybe that part of me just needed a kick to get going again.

Anyway, I got some bad news while at home in Waterford on Friday, and even though I was relatively fine with it all weekend, I just really really wanted a massive bear hug from him. He was away on a stag trip and I was three hours from Dublin anyway so it was all the one really. He called over last night and I eventually told him what was going on but burst into tears in the process, even though I actually am alright with it, I think it was just that I was telling him. The fact that he managed to make me laugh almost straight away and was just brilliant in general booted everything into place. I actually do love him, and told him so later on that night before we both fell asleep.



  1. bite me! it's not often I go all soft!

  2. aw.

    normally i'd say "puke" too, but i'm in a good mood. your post about him saying that he does was really rather lovely.

  3. Happy for you hun (I will allow this grotesque display of sentiment - just this once)

  4. Thanks ladies. Don't worry, that's my mushy stuff quota filled for the next two years or so.

  5. Awww I'm a sucker for a bit of rosemance, that's loverly :D


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