Thursday, September 18, 2008

weird crushes

with my new found weird crush for julian barratt, it got me thinking about weird crushes and what your are prepared to tell people. i have a few and they are all much older than me, i don't know what thay says about me.

So here is my list, in no particular order.

1. Michael Palin
2. Ronnie Wood
3. Julian Barrett (new entry)
4. Jeremy Irons
5. is it stil weird to have a crush on Richard Hammond?
6. Gordan Ramsay

so come on fess up who are yer weird crushes??


  1. Ah - Knew we would break you eventually. It's okay to have a crush on funny people even if they are a bit weird.

    It's not wrong to like Richard Hammond - he was recently voted something like the 25th sexiest man in Britian.

    I like Ray D'Arcy - some people say that's weird. I don't think so.

  2. Michael Palin, yes and yes.

    Jeremy Irons too,

    and the lovely Alan Rickman?

    Can I add Dara O'Briain, i'm not sure if he's in this category! Is this a meme? it should be!

  3. yes darragh o'brian would be as he is the head off my old lecturer in college. and no i wouldn't but that's because of the resemblence thing.

    eh yea go on it's a meme i take you rapture, and lottie and darren, go!!

  4. sorry i meant to say "i TAG you" tag, not take, that's a whole other meme

  5. michael caine.....dunno that very weird?!

  6. If I was a girl I'd probably fancy Ray D'Arcy!

  7. Michael Caine is an interesting choice.


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