Friday, September 05, 2008

Super Sunday

Legendary Kilkenny goalkeeper Ollie Walsh gets a makeover.
Quite an improvement, no?

They were like gold dust all around the country. No amount of begging, pleading, bargaining, haggling, sexual favours offered or proving of Déise-ness made any difference. They were clocking in at €600 on and any possible contacts proved empty-handed. The search was likened to finding hen's teeth. I am informed that this is something quite difficult to do. Things were looking grim. Forty five years since the Déise made an appearance at an All Ireland Final and I was going to have to watch it on the telly.

Then lo, the light of my phone shone yesterday evening.
A text message.
From my brother's girlfriend.

Hey Kitty, how are you?
Do you still want a ticket for the All Ireland?

DO I WHAT! Salvation. In the lower Hogan stand no less.

Come Sunday at 3.30 I'll be found swearing my tits off at those black and amber bastards and I can't. Fucking. Wait.




  1. So NOT jealous. Congrats on getting the tickets though!

  2. Hehe thanks Lottie! I'm not usually one to blog about sport but I make an exception for Waterford hurling! Aaahh I'm so excited!

  3.'d that go for ya then? eek.....

  4. I don't want to talk about it...

  5. ah cheer up chums.....I have family in tramore.....they too are upset......

  6. Just found this post now. And I'm from Kilkenny. Enough said :o)


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