Monday, September 29, 2008

Stoopid ads...

"so what's the silliest thing you've done in college?"

you know the ad,... its angers me a lot. number one, the answers make me want to tell those people in the ads that they need to change their nappy.

"wore my jocks outside my pants all day"


if they asked me what was the silliest (don't get me started on the use of that word too) thing i've done in college my answer would be like this.

i spent all of second year drinking, and sleeping around on my aib what have ya got for me then?

that is all


  1. Great, now I know someone who gets as irritated by that ad as much of myself. Them students don't know how to live student life properly.

    I'd have to go with part of your answer as I spent most of student life back then in the pub. Although it was perhaps a bit silly to substitute food with alcohol but it was great fun. :)

  2. That ad is such crap! It sounds almost like an alcohol awareness ad or something instead.

    I did too much mixing of alcohol and chemical drugs, not like mad ones but like disprin and lemsip and stuff.

  3. RP you lunatic. You reminded me of that line in Nighty Night, "I took a lethal cocktail of drink and drugs. Tea and some paracetamol."

  4. You've got to wonder if these advertising 'execs' ever went to college at all.

  5. radio ads are just crap in general really there are so many bad ones out there


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