Monday, September 15, 2008

Pints, bras and shame.

What the?

It's Monday again?

Amazing how an impromptu day session of a Saturday robs your weekend right from under your nose. Friday night saw us get all cultured for No Man's Land in the Gate though, so we can actually be cilvilised when we need to be. You wouldn't think it when we're completely lamped at six o'clock in the evening wandering towards Harold's Cross and wondering why it's so bright out.

Prior to the pints/wine/vodka flavoured mess that was Saturday afternoon, evening and night, I ventured into La Senza on Grafton Street, inspired by T's bra post below and all the helpful comments she got. I don't think I'd ever been in a proper La Senza shop before. On occasion I've wandered into their section in Debenhams by accident before realising where I was and storming out without even looking around since I was convinced they wouldn't have anything remotely pretty for my 36DD boobs. Wrong! I got so carried away I ended up shelling out around €80 on bras and knickers, as you do.

Of course this meant that I spent the rest of the day getting hammered while dragging around a massive pink and black bag that screamed "SEXY UNDIES!". Which wasn't as embarrassing as getting sick out the third story window of one of the girls' bedrooms circa 3am. NĂ¡ire an domhain.



  1. haha getting sick out the window, I've been known to do that too, made it to my fireplace once knowing I wouldn't get upstairs...don't know how I didn't cop I'd still have to clean it up!

    Re bra's, underwear shops make a mint off me at the moment!no sooner am I comfy in a bra than its too small...STOP GROWING!!!

  2. Harold's Cross? Bras? Drinking? Are you actually me?

  3. @ littlemiss: the fireplace? Haven't tried that yet..
    @raptureponies: twinsie...?

  4. what is it about nice underwear......i become possessed in La senza....Its like Ive never seen a bra before and my nipples(which is all that sits on my chest) are dragging off my knees....

  5. I am totally addicted to La Senza and they have added loads of new sizes lately. Their bags are almost as fun as Brown Thomas bags!

  6. Tinsies!! :)

    My new addiction is corsets... le sigh.

  7. Lottie... waiting for my first pay check! :)

    However someone did offer to buy it for me!:D

  8. Shit it's early!

    I think that's a good idea RP - I mean - what else are they for it not to buy you pressies? :)

  9. RP, I'm getting suspicious. I too have had the offer of a corset...


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