Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pesky kids

Went along to the Boosh book signing last Saturday, apparently there were tickets that you needed to get the book signed but we chanced our arms anyway. And by we I mean me and a very patient boyfriend who was willing to put up with the headwrecking neon tutu-ed and glitter encrusted fourteen year olds ahead of us for the best part of an hour just so I could get the Boosh boys to scribble on my shiny new copy. We had been warned about three times by various staff members that no ticket meant it mightn't get signed but sure I had to give it a go. Because it looked like we might have gotten hunted out of the queue before we reached the desk, I wasn't really thinking about what the hell I would say to either of them and wasn't nervous or anything.

Till it was my go.

All of a shot I was standing in front of Julian Barratt, squeaking "Hi!" as my mind went completely blank. I got distracted by how broad his shoulders are and have to say I second T Cup's weird crush nomination. I totally would. I said thanks as he passed the book over to (ahhh!) Noel Fielding. Noel Fielding! To be honest I didn't ever proper fancy him, I mean I loved looking at him, he's got a great face but he's just too dinky for me. Well that's what I thought. Again, all I could do was say hi and thanks, only this time I threw in a parting "You're a legend!". Uhh. He's fecking gorgeous close up, all massive eyes and flawless skin and I'm 95% sure he was checking me out. Well, he definitely looked at my boobs anyway! Of course Himself doesn't get all giddy and useless around famous people and just chatted away to them after me about Dublin and their mental busy schedule, shook their hands and was cool as a feckin breeze! No fair! My brain just turned to mush! Ah well, I got my book signed and had two of my favourite famous people ever smile at me. They actually just looked a bit relieved to be talking to relatively normal people and not more screaming and hyperventilating teenagers. Yay us!

And here's a few rubbish ones from the aftershow party last Tuesday.

Look! He pointed in my general direction! Doesn't take much to get me excited really, does it?


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