Thursday, September 04, 2008

Oh la la, quelle pique-nique!

So now that I'm some bit nearer to a recovered state, here's how my side of the Picnic weekend in blue tights and a €15 tent from Dunnes went.

Best bits

Laughing my ass off in the Comedy tent watching the two lads from I Dare Ya, Des Bishop, Andrew Maxwell and the low-fi legend that is David O'Doherty, fresh from kicking ass over in Edinburgh. Managed to get to the front for the D.O.D. and was petrified that I'd be asked something, since I have what has been classified as a "volunteer head", but managed to escape notice this time.

Goldfrapp. Bopped along happily to Strict Machine and Ooh La La, I way prefer their electro dancey stuff to the dreamy sleepy Seventh Tree songs. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.

Tucan in the Body and Soul area on the lovely stage that looked like it had Skittles stuck all over it. Although they had clearly been drinking solid all the night before, they rocked it with their crazy fast acoustic guitar brilliance and deadly pink sunglasses. They sound like Rodrigo y Gabriella and they're from Sligo - check them out if you know what's good for ya.

Getting to see Franz Ferdinand, Underworld and Santogold, all from a distance. Santogold had the Cosby Stage jammed full and rightly so, she's all NY cool, full of energy and was giving it loads.

Stumbling upon Dangerous Dolly doing this in the Lost Vagueness Asylum.

Dancing like a lunatic to George Clinton and his funky band featuring an old man in a nappy and a rollerskating hottie in a pink sequinned catsuit.

Getting to see CSS, Grinderman and Hercules & Love Affair. All were amazing and I still can't get my head around the fact that foxy Nomi of H&LA used to be (still is?) a dude.

Playing Battleships and drinking hippy organic cider in the sunshine in the Walled Garden. Blissorama.

The silent disco, especially when Jump Around came on. I know all the words.

The craic in the campsite (Hendrix was where it was at!). So many catchphrases were born, none of which would make any sense to anyone who wasn't there, and they barely did at the time. A rousing rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart, sung by ten of us to our friend Maz while she was in the jacks won't be forgotten in a hurry. Especially when a random girl in stripey tights joined in for the hell of it. Loving your work.

Not-so-great bits
Waking up in the Cinema tent to The Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon played over it, which to be honest, just wrecked my head. Although that could have been down to the shifting couple that kept brushing off me or the fella in front of me who was video recording it on his phone. The film that is, not the couple.

The long-drop toilets in the campsite. By Sunday morning the people in the queue were retching. Not sexy.

The torrential motherfucking rain on Sunday night, which meant we couldn't watch the wooden temple getting torched at 2am and my cheap ass tent developed a puddle in the middle of it. Waking up Monday morning with wet hair thanks to leaky seams did not a happy Kitty Cat make!

Anyway, the not so great things were minor compared to the big dirty weekend of fun that it was. Can't friggin wait for next year!


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