Thursday, September 18, 2008

The mighty friggin boosh

i was always a fan but Kitty was the fanatic, but last night changed that they are so good, it should be illegal. ok set the scene 8pm wed evening, place The Olympia dublin. Kitty had been to see them the night before at the after show party and was wrecked. There was a notable absence of giddyness and knicker wetting on her part as she was wrecked but i know inside she was like a puppy on e. anyway nothing i could say here would ever come close to what they were like. so here are a few pics.

ps new weird crush julian barratt???


  1. Wowza those pics came out really well! Julian Barrett? Probably would, yeah.

  2. ah yea sure you'd get your foot in the door then!

  3. Woohooo!Cheers for putting some pix up.I'm off to see 'em tonight-I'm so giddy with excitement its tough to concentrate on anything in work!!!

    Been a fan for the past 2 years so gonna be deadly to see the Boosh Boys in action :)

  4. Ah you'll have brilliant craic green of eye! I'd love to go again!

  5. green eye it's really well put together, the second half is like a music gig, so stand up and get down! ow oowww! (yes i said get up to get down)


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