Tuesday, September 16, 2008


God (cos he can help, with this problem) i just had the blaa-est lunch ever a roll wit egg mayo and rashers. it was just blaa. God my lunches are just so blaa these days, all that's near my office is Spar and it has the blaa-est selection of sandwiches ever. at least on wed i have a falaffel. but that's getting boring and is doing nothing for my digestive system. it comes out faster than it goes in!! (sorry) oh well at least i have a crunchie to console my self.

ahhh... just remembered i didn't leave out my chops to defrost for my dinner, grr......


  1. get to a restaurant.......the waiters will bring nice stuff in return for a small gratuity.......we need your love.....no really it;s shit at the mo......

  2. i would manuel, but one of those is a million miles away!! when i say that the spar is all that there i mean, that's it, nothing else but a building site!!!


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