Monday, September 22, 2008

i want food

i'm fecking starved. i mean it's not like a i hadn't a breakfast i did, i had two shredded wheat with hot milk. mmm delicious. but, for some reason i'm fecking starving still. i can kinda smell some sort of food in the distance, i not sure what it is but... sniff sniff... it has a hint if fried onion and a .... SSSSNNNNNIIIFFF..... dash of meat. yea def some form of meat there, bovine would be my suspicion.

oh god i'm going to fade. it's only 11.17 am!! when's lunch again? i'm starting to see white spots... and now they are turning into dancing burgers. very co-ordinated dancing burgers might i add!!

maybe ill have some toast.

Arghh... there's no bread!!


  1. Oh God, I know that feeling. I'm scoffing a pack of tayto now because I can't wait the whole hour 'til lunch. No wonder my thighs hate me.

  2. have you seen 30 rock yet? Me want fooooood? hehehehe


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